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"on demand" movies are constantly disrupted. PLEASE FIX!!!

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Another very annoying tcm technical issue in addition to films being expired before their scheduled expiration date.  I notice that movies freeze and can't be re-started when new "on demand" movies are added to the list. This is an extremely annoying problem that should be fixed easily. It seems that tcm is adding more movies to the list than it has the capacity to  list. Why not just eliminate the garbage that has no "demand" in the first place?  It is not necessary to offer on demand every movie that tcm airs.   

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That freezing and stuttering is called "buffering" and it's not a problem at TCM's end of things.  It's all about your internet speed and streaming device that's used.  If your speed is very slow or you have lots of other devices running off it at the same time, that  could be the problem. The device could also be it  or a combination of both.

I was using a first-generation Roku and had that problem with a number of channels including TCM. It could  take several minutes to load a movie and then I could never watch an entire thing without buffering. I finally upgraded to a newer model Roku and I haven't had a buffering issue on any channel since. Now what use to take minutes to load does so in a few seconds.  You might want to check with your internet provider and see what they say about speed. 


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markfp2: Thanks for taking the time to respond.   My carrier in this case is Verizon fios , and I pay quite a bit for the most basic television service.  I do stream at a remote location not serviced by Verizon.  I don't stream anything other than tcm,  and no other devices are  running at the same time as it always happens late at night.  No other programs are open at the time.   Initial loading is never a problem, but now I can't open the "more information" feature on the tcm "on demand" listings at all.  This has been happening for a few days now.  I will check with Verizon, but I'm not very optimistic about their ability to help.  Could be a hardware issue, but I don't  encounter otherwise--at least not consciously.  The freezing of actual tcm "on demand" movies hasn't happened in the past few days.  The issue comes and goes. Thanks again.  

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