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Music you think would be good for a title sequence.

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I'm not talking about existing title sequences, live or otherwise, but music you've always thought would go well as we watched the opening sequence of a movie.  Songs I thought include:

What kind of movie would that be?  Well, just like the song says, someone working for the FBI who gets blindsided by a long cool woman.  Maybe she's bad, maybe she's good, but we don't find out until the end.


Almost anything by Lambert, Hendricks and Ross, but this is good:

A story about an onagainoffagain relationship between an onagainoffagain man and a woman who's too good for him but who's resigned to the fact she's stuck on him.

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You hit on one of my favorites.  I saw him in a movie, 'Round Midnight (1986) a long time ago.  I don't remember much of the movie, but I remember Mr. Gordon doing a fine job and a commanding presence.  Wish TCM would air it.

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Heart of Gold, Neil Young was one of best TCM has aired, the easy listening music, short personal stories by Neil...wraps warmth around any stranger.

If you’ve ever seen a  CS&N and a CSN&Y show you know Neil “rocked up the show” considerably with CS&N but Heart of Gold is totally the opposite revealing the soft, sweet inner Neil, an absolute gem to record and LISTEN to until the lights go out,

Bless you Neil..


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"...Baby One More Time" by Britney Spears would work best at the beginning of a teen movie. Imagine this scenario. The teen movie begins with the protagonist and their friends at their locker when the hot guy or cheerleader mesmerizes the protagonist as they walk down the hall with the song playing in the background.


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Just heard this on my local jazz station (KSDS).  How didn't I know this before?:


I was half out of breath and my skin tingled.

What's the movie this opens for is about?  Like the man says, baby I don't care.

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