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Music you think would be good for a title sequence.

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In the album Miles Ahead, Miles Davis and Gil Evans' collaboration produced a sound unique in music.  To me it's a fusion of the big band sound of the likes of Stan Kenton and Miles' own cool jazz.  The soundest and coolest of these is a tune called "New Rhumba":

It's sharp, clean, incisive.  I imagine a slick, modern, mod tale, likely set in the 60s era of closely tailored suits, Givenchy, knife-edge style cars, and Jet-set travel; that follows a character or characters who move easily between different worlds of high finance, or society, the art milieux, or sleeve-rolled working classes.  I only get a style, impression, but no plot.  It may involve romance, or conflict, or the righting of a wrong, or push to make something good.  All I know is this is killer music and there has to be a movie it can open for.

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June Christy is the best evidence I know of the existence of angels.  What else but an angel come to earth to grace us could account for her voice?  The song is titled "This Time the Dream's on Me":

The movie is about rekindling something that used to be, but ended because of--what?--someone not holding up their end, or not being where they should have been.  And that someone regrets being undependable, and not having understood the value of what was.  And there's the sense of the promise that things can be set right.  And maybe they don't end up together. . . .hey, wait.  That's sounding like Casablanca (1942).

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On 9/13/2020 at 12:39 PM, slaytonf said:

I'm not talking about existing title sequences, live or otherwise, but music you've always thought would go well as we watched the opening sequence of a movie.  Songs I thought include:

What kind of movie would that be?  Well, just like the song says, someone working for the FBI who gets blindsided by a long cool woman.  Maybe she's bad, maybe she's good, but we don't find out until the end.


Almost anything by Lambert, Hendricks and Ross, but this is good:

A story about an onagainoffagain relationship between an onagainoffagain man and a woman who's too good for him but who's resigned to the fact she's stuck on him.

Cream. Sunshine of Your Love,.


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