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"Heathers" to be remade into TV series; Children of the 80s weep!! Nooooo!


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*Sooo sad!!!!*



*?Heathers (1988) to be remade into TV series; Children of the 80s weep*





August 28 2009

Lexington Pop Culture Examine





Remember those color coordinated mean girls from the 80s? The ones who played croquet on a weekly basis and terrorized others at their high school? I'm not talking about the ones at your school. (Wait... did cliques actually color coordinate in the 80s? More importantly, was croquet the cool thing to do? If so, I'm kind of sad I missed it.) I'm talking about the ones from Heathers. In case you missed it, the movie starred Winona Ryder and Christian Slater and told the story of a group of teenagers in high school who wanted nothing more than to be at the top of the popularity ladder and what happens when an outsider shows up and one of the in-crowd starts dealing with high school politics in quite the unconventional way.



So, all of that? Is going to be turned into a television series, according to Variety. Some might say _Mean Girls_ (2004) starring Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams might have been sort of a remake but most would beg to differ. Heathers was a much darker comedy and involved more than the average, run-of-the-mill "I made out with your boyfriend" type of payback. The characters in Heathers... well, they killed people and then made it look like suicide. How's that for dealing with someone who made you have a bad day?


The series is to be scripted by Mark Rizzo and Jenny Bicks, who worked on Sex and the City, (Variety) and is being produced by Sony Entertainment Television. No cast has been decided on as of yet and to my knowledge, no release date has even been announced. From the feel of the message boards, many Heathers fans are not happy about this. To which, I can't blame them. Transforming movies into television series seems like a tough task to take on and a lot of times turns into a monumental fail. (Ferris Bueller, anyone?) Take a movie with the type of following like Heathers and you could have an angry mob on your hands in no time.


Personally, I can see this working on HBO or Showtime but not on network television. How can it be Heathers without all the swearing? And let's not forget the murders. I don't see CBS spotlighting a show about teens who decide murder is the answer to their quest to become most popular girl in school, but I don't know; maybe I had a brain tumor for breakfast.












At the beginning of the film Heather Chandler asks Heather Duke "did you have a brain tumor for breakfast?" The actress who played Heather Chandler, _Kim Walker_ later died of a brain tumor.





Kimberly Anne Walker (June 19, 1968 - March 6, 2001) was an American actress, perhaps best-known for playing the role of Heather Chandler in the film Heathers.





IMBD & Other Sources!

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