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David had a problem with Peter Seller's performance in Lolita. He said he did not like his performance in the movie and it did'nt fit. This movie was ahead of its time. It was very deep and James Mason was just as bad as Peter Seller's Character was in this movie. Peter was the Mirror of James Mason and thats why he shot him. It was not just about jealousy. Stanley should be applauded for his insight and what he saw as exploitation of children. Peter's Character is exactly the type of person we are dealing with today with not conscience or remorse.

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Firstly, this had nothing to do with Kubrick, since it was all in the original novel by Vladimir Nabokov (who also wrote the screenplay). "Quilty" (Peter Seller's character) is Humbert Humbert's _guilt_ , projected upon/onto a pursuing, punishing character. *Quilty =Guilty.* Get it?


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> {quote:title=classic50 wrote:}{quote}

> David had a problem with Peter Seller's performance in Lolita.


Who's David?

The hosts last night were ROBERT Osborne & ALEC Baldwin.


I used to really like this movie, but last few times it's aired, I've walked away half way through. Interesting how Kubrick's films can effect you....sometimes the film strikes me as sad, other times funny and other times boring.

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TCM's policy has always been to show movies complete and unedited. Very rarely, they will get a copy of a movie from a distributor that has been cut or edited somehow, but that doesn't happen very often. (And when it does, they try to show it again in its complete version).


I'd be willing to bet the copy they showed of Lolita was totally unedited.

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