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That's funny. . . .

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Recorded Happiness Ahead (1934).  Turns out I've seen it before.  Enjoyable enough.  Poor little rich girl meets rich little poor boy.  Romance ensues.  Thing is, has all the earmarks of a Warner Bros. pic:  Dick Powell, Jack Halliday, Frank McHugh, Allen Jenkins, Ruth Donnelly, Jane Darwell, Mervin LeRoy director, Leo F. Forbstein music.; but it's --a First National Picture.  Instead of the WB shield zooming at the audience, you get the chain-linked America.  What's up wit dat?  I know WB bought FN, or was it the other way?   But not since the late '20s did I see First National Pictures as anything but a line in the opening credits of WB movies.

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Here ya go, slayton. Wiki says about this:

On November 4, 1929, Fox sold its interest in First National to Warner Bros. for $10 million.[9][10]:66 The First National studio in Burbank became the official home of Warner Bros.–First National Pictures. Thereafter, First National Pictures became a trade name for the distribution of a designated segment of Warner Bros. product. Forty-five of the 86 Warner Bros. feature films released in 1929 were branded as First National Pictures.[10]:66 Half of the 60 feature films Warner Bros. announced for release in 1933–34 were to be First National Pictures.[11]

Although both studios produced "A" and "B" budget pictures, generally the prestige productions, costume dramas, and musicals were made by Warner Bros., while First National specialized in modern comedies, dramas, and crime stories. Short subjects were made by yet another affiliated company, The Vitaphone Corporation (which took its name from the sound process).

In July 1936, stockholders of First National Pictures, Inc. (primarily Warner Bros.) voted to dissolve the corporation and distribute its assets among the stockholders in line with a new tax law which provided for tax-free consolidations between corporations.[12]

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Thanks, Dargo, for the info.  Wonder why it hadn't occurred to me to lookit up miself.  Now if I can only get someone to wash my car for me. . . .


Now it occurs to me to wonder why I haven't seen any but this movie with the FN logo zooming at me.

What other movies I wonder have it?

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11 hours ago, slaytonf said:

Recorded Happiness Ahead (1934).  Turns out I've seen it before.  Enjoyable enough. 

Since your question is resolved, I'll focus on this ^^^ sentence.

This happens to me too with movies of this era-they have similar casts, plots & production values but forgettable, indistinct names. I often record these twice, sometimes 3 times! They are great to have on hand when you're feeling down. (like right now)

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18 hours ago, SansFin said:


Does this qualify also as an archaic expression? I do not recall hearing it said in many years.

...in my case it's BECAUSE it's been many years, I haven't heard that. (try reaching down, pal)

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