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Why did my cable movie guide give Colonel Blimp only 3 stars?

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Blasphemy, I say wot?!

Here we have a film that's rated 8.1 at the IMDb website and with the vast majority of the 101 reviewers of it within this same website awarding this film 9/10 to 10/10  ratings, and this is just for starts!

Okay sure, I might be especially perturbed about this because ever since I first caught this movie on TCM some 15 or so years ago it's been one of my very favorite British films ever, but still there's NO excuse for this as I see it.

(...yeah,  okay, I know there are and have been many more greater injustices in this world than this, but I just had to get this off my chest here, and now I feel SO much better)  ;)


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To answer your question, stupidity?

More seriously, it took some time to arrive in the United States.  Its release was often truncated, it didn't get oscar nominations,  Roger Livesey wasn't as big a star as David Niven (A matter of Life and Death). 

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In October 2016 there was a sudden change in the star ratings of movies on my cable system (Comcast). Movies that had been rated 2-stars were now 3-star movies (like McHALE'S NAVY JOINS THE AIR FORCE) or even 4-star movies (THE HALLELUJAH TRAIL). Did these movies improve with age? This change occurred literally overnight--much like the TCM website format change--and I'm damned if I can see the logic of it. One glaring case of revisionism was MILDRED PIERCE (1945), which was reduced from 4 stars to 3, but restored to 4-star status soon thereafter. Why COLONEL BLIMP only rates 3 stars is beyond my comprehension--just as why LADY IN THE LAKE (1947) is worth only 2 stars (formerly 3 stars).

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