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Help me end my years of frustration and name this movie.


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I think this movie must be older than 1960. I saw it as a young boy and it was in Black and White. The story begins when a traveling salesman gets mad at an old man when he gets run off of the property because he hates salesmen. ( The old man in the movie might be Walter Brennan ).

So the salesman puts a spell on an apple tree in his front yard. The old man's grandson climes into the tree to get an apple and then cannot get out of the tree, as the tree has a hold on him.

Later. the old man tricks another salesman to clime the tree and the grandson climes down and the salesman is now stuck in the tree. I would also like to purchase this movie if you can tell me where? Please, please help me with this tough request. Thanks! ! ! !

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Most asked-about movies:


?On Borrowed Time? ? Lionel Barrymore has death trapped up in a tree


?It Happened on 5th Avenue?, 1947, with Don DeFore, Ann Harding & Charlie Ruggles. (a bum and his friends move into expensive home of rich people who go on vacation)


All-Dog movie shorts (The MGM Dogville series produced from 1929-31. Titles: Hot Dog (29); College Hounds (29); So Quiet on the Canine Front (30); The Big Dog House (30); Dogway Melody (30); The Dogville Murder Case (?Who Killed Rover?) (31); Love Tails of Morocco (31); Two Barks Brothers (31); Trader Hound (31).) (Dogville list by talkietime.)


?You Never Can Tell? (man dog, lady horse)



?It Grows on Trees? (money growing on trees)





?If a Man Answers? (dog training manual used to train husband)


?Make Way for Tomorrow? (old couple have to go to separate nursing homes)


?The Little Fugitive? (kid runs away and becomes lost at Coney Island)


?Three Wise Fools? ? Lionel Barrymore is chained to a tree.


?For Heaven?s Sake? (child waiting to be born)


?The Bluebird? with Shirley Temple (children waiting to be born)


?My Six Loves? (lady finds a bunch of kids)

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