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And I've asked this a few times with still no response with any type of explanation as to what's this obsession Trump has with "Suburban women".  I mean of course, as a voting block...

This goes with what he means in regards to his claim that if elected, "Joe Biden will demolish the suburbs."  Let's go back a few or so days.

At one of his rallies, he pleaded, "Suburban women, like me, please...'  then went on to say, "I saved your damn neighborhoods, OK?"  

"Saved" them?  Saved them from WHAT?   Floods?  Wildfires?  Islamic terrorist attacks?  so PLEASE Trump supporters, PLEASE give me an intelligent sounding explanation as to what Trump is talking about with this "suburbs" thing!

Ach.  But I realize that last sentence means that probably no response will be forthcoming.  That it's not because they WON'T give me an intelligent sounding reason, but that they probably can't.


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OK, I think I get it.  But Trump doesn't.

Seems he's trying to play on old fashioned racist fears  by implying Democrats will somehow get more and more "po' " black folks to move into lily white suburban neighborhoods( which have more or less become a racist myth)  and put those women and their daughters in danger of being routinely raped and their homes being robbed.

I'll bet he even really believes that black people moving into a previously predominantly white neighborhood will lower the property values.  :rolleyes:

So, in other words, it means Trump is culling the ignorant white bigot vote.

Cull | Definition of Cull at Dictionary.com

act of culling. something culled, especially something picked out and put aside as inferior.    B)


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