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I remember seeing this film a while ago and I forgot the title. I don't remember much, but there was a Lonelyhearts dance (I know this is not the movie Lonelyhearts) and later some woman turned up dead in a bathtub, I believe. I think someone killed her, and they took all of her stuff and hid it/got rid of it, but her Lonelyhearts dance pin was found. Sorry if I give spoilers, but I think someone that was big (a boss or somthing) killed her. I just can't remember the title. It was black and white, either in the 40s or 50s. Thanks.

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I would like to know the tittle of an old black and white film. It's about two men from New York that travel to either Ireland or scottland and stumble upon a town with a curse. The curse is that every night when that towns people go to sleep 100 years pass by. But when they wake up, it's the next day to them. And if anyone leaves the town then they all disappear forever. Help!! Anyone, please help!

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