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Help! How Do I Delete a Post or Private Message?

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Today I tried to reply to a private message by using the quote function.  My reply then included some words but also the embedded video the other member sent.  I wanted to try to delete the embedded video and just keep the words.   Normally one would just click on the video, a box would form, one could right-click on the box and select delete from the drop down menu, and the box with the video would be gone.  But this doesn't work.  There is no way at all of selecting the box.

And it's worse.  I can't even select the whole reply -- the text plus the box -- and then delete that.  Nothing will bring up a menu that allows me to delete.  Even if I just select the text and leave the box, no menu comes up to delete and the delete key on my computer doesn't do it, either.

And it gets still worse.  I tried to scrap the whole reply and start again, but there is no option anywhere in the reply window to scrap the reply!

Something is wrong here.  Of the dozens of programs I have on my computer, there isn't one that doesn't have an option to delete what has been selected, box or text.  And of the other web sites I use where people send messages to each other, there isn't a single one that doesn't allow you to abort or cancel or delete a comment you've started composing.

Further, there is no general "Help" menu in the top right hand corner of the page, where one can look up basic instructions, such as how to delete, save, send, etc.

Can someone tell me where the secret passage to the "delete" option is hidden?  I'd greatly appreciate it.






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