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On 11/10/2020 at 2:09 PM, sewhite2000 said:

January 24 Primetime One Big Misunderstanding. It starts off with Send Me No Flowers, which also airs on New Year's Day, making it the fourth film to air more than once this month (outside of Noir Alley).

Also showing:

Sunday in New York (Cliff Robertson, Rod Taylor) (MGM, 1963)

Then Silent Sundays:

Rosita (Mary Pickford, Holbrook Blinn) (United Artists, 1923)

And for TCM Imports, two more Almodovar films: Kika (1993) and The Flower of My Secret (1995)

Please, oh please, air Kika (1993) here in Canada too. That's one of his movies that I don't have and it rarely airs because of the subject matter.

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Another big THANK YOU to both MovieCollectorOH & Sewhite for posting this information!


You guys are AWESOME!!

I would have to sift through day after days listings to pick out titles I haven't seen or are interested in. Sewhite's daily call outs with themes, principle stars & dates completely streamlined my task.

I already have a list of 20 "possible" titles to program on the DVR. Now it's a matter of sifting through to see if I already have them (!) and if they're worth recording for later viewing. 


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5 hours ago, MovieCollectorOH said:

FWIW, I don't see anything after that, so to adjust your expectations this might just be a one-timer.  Will keep posted though.

Well it is 500 days of Oscar in February.  Maybe they're trying to decide which of their 5 rotating themes to go with this year.


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It appears that TCM will be changing the primetime lineup for Friday, January 29 to feature guest programmer Amanda Seyfried.

- Previous schedule

    08:00 PM   drama    The Manchurian Candidate (1962)
    10:15 PM   drama    Butterfield 8 (1960)
    12:15 AM   drama    Of Human Bondage (1964)

- New Schedule

    08:00 PM   drama    Citizen Kane (1941)
    10:15 PM   romance  Cain And Mabel (1936)
    12:00 AM   comedy   Page Miss Glory (1935)

From the lineup, I assume Ms. Seyfried will be promoting her recent film Mank, which ties directly to Citizen Kane as well as the Marion Davies films Cain and Mabel and Page Miss Glory.

Note: this change is currently not reflected in the TCM online monthly schedule, but I believe it is accurate.

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