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Why are only men allowed to become president? When will the Republicans try to impeach Biden? And why the country will remain divided...these are not united states

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16 hours ago, Dargo said:

And which THEN doesn't explain why you missed the opportunity to meet ME "face-to-face" when I was back in the South Bay last weekend!

(...dude, I and my wife Judie showed up at the Red Car Brewery last Saturday at noon, and so where the hell were YOU???) 


Around here, you need so many masks and distance and all these rules. I'd rather wait until we can socialize like humans.

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16 hours ago, cigarjoe said:

Arizona didn't really exist. By the late 1840s, the tension in the United States between free and slave states was building to a boil. 

Just before the civil war, businessmen here in the L.A. Harbor area wrote to Washington telling them there was much sympathy for the south in this area. And troops were needed. They ended up building a fort in what is now Wilmington, Ca. http://www.drumbarracks.org/index.php/en/

This fort was to defend all of California, Arizona and New Mexico since the nearest fort in Colorado was considered too far away.

During the war, raiders from Texas were harassing forts in AZ and the "California Column" was sent to deal with them, (imagine walking from Los Angeles to Arizona).


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9 hours ago, jamesjazzguitar said:

What Gerald didn't show up.    Now I don't feel so bad (NOT).     I really wanted to see both of you,  but with my wife coming back from Italy and having to quarantine, etc.

Hopefully you can forgive me and invite me the next time you're in the So Cal area.     Sedona is one of the first places my wife and I plan to travel too once this Covid-19 crap is over (e.g. there is a vaccine,  which according to my nephew who is working on one that has completed phase 4 testing, should be by the spring).      

Totally understand your reasons here, James. I did have the feeling that your wife's return from Italy quarantine would be the cause for your no-show there.

And so and as you said, perhaps once this pandemic is under control, we'll be able to meet in Sedona or maybe next year in early Novermber and when I'll once again be in SoCal for that British motorcycle rally I attend every year.

(...fingers crossed)

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5 hours ago, GGGGerald said:

Around here, you need so many masks and distance and all these rules. I'd rather wait until we can socialize like humans.

Totally understand your reasons too here, Gerald.

(...and so once again, maybe next year)

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