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The triumph of President Joe Biden and healing the nation


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17 minutes ago, NipkowDisc said:

the thread title is too long. liberals are always talking about healing. when obama became president he said that is when the earth would start healing...but here we are years later with liberals still complaining.

at some point it gets old.

Why would the ongoing need for healing bother you?

Are you sure this isn't an irrational complaint on your part?

Personally I don't mind certain phrases being repeated by politicians if they still seem like valid things to say.

The one word that I do find overused (in all parties) is "change." Like how many times can we strive for change in our government? Changing it one way, only to change it back, then change it again...seems like pendulum swinging to me.

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56 minutes ago, HIGHWAY said:


This is a very lame comparison.   The $15 min wage has nothing to do with Covid-19 stimulus and should have never been part of the package (as well as a lot of other items).

The OMB is an important position to fill.   While I believe Biden should give up on Tanden that is another issue.


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