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Strangers on a Train Running Time

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8 hours ago, Adabruno said:

Strangers on a Train runs 101 minutes.  Why is it being shown within a 96 minute stream? 

My DVD says 103 minutes.  TCM movie time ranges are usually a few minutes longer than the actual movie.  For example, a movie airing 8-10 might end at 9:50.  Then there's "ads" for 10 minutes before the next movie starts.


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9 hours ago, Adabruno said:

Strangers on a Train runs 101 minutes.  Why is it being shown within a 96 minute stream? 

Where are you seeing this?  I get TCM via YouTubeTV.  Until you turn off the DVRing of a particular item,  it will continue to record it every time it airs.  Their DVR service is technically unlimited, but they automatically delete items more than 9 months old (can't keep it forever).  

Long story short:  I find that I have 4 DVR copies of this film from TCM, plus an on-demand version available:

  • April 2020: 106 minutes
  • July 2020: 121 minutes
  • July 2020: 121 minutes
  • November 2020: 106 minutes

Also, the on demand version from TCM's airing this month is listed on YTTV as running 102 minutes.

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I can't speak to the specific airing you're referring to, since I wasn't watching. Probably from the recent Hitchcock marathon. I assume you're asking for DVR'ing purposes. I haven't had a working DVR for a couple of years, so it's like I've gotten in a time machine back to the early '90s where I just try to be home in time for the start of a movie.  I have seen other posters on here get very upset about missing parts of a movie due to the disparity between TCM's indication of a running time and reality, although it sounds like from Txfilmfan's post this isn't necessarily as much of a problem as it used to be depending on what means you're using.

I can say networks aren't perfect, even in 2020, and sometimes programming doesn't precisely fit the scheduled time. I can't imagine TCM would ever just cut off part of a movie to accommodate the planned schedule. Earlier this week, I turned on my TV at 6:59 pm CT and saw that a Joan Crawford color film was still running. It didn't end until 7:01, but TCM just segued into the next movie, straight into the introduction, without running the Wine Club or Backlot ad they would usually put in that spot.


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I have the 2-disc DVD of Strangers on a Train with 2 versions of the movie.   The American version (which Hitchcock preferred) runs 101m.   He eliminated some repetitive conversation Walker and Granger have while ordering lunch in the lounge car, and ended the movie with a brief conversation  between Granger, Roman and a pastor on the train as a "kicker."

The British version (also called the Preview version) runs almost 2 minutes longer.  The conversation between Walker and Granger ordering food on the train is a bit franker.  Hitchcock decided that Brits would think he was making fun of the pastor so he deleted the last scene on the train and ended the movie with Ruth Roman telling her father and sister that it was Granger who was calling on the phone and he wanted her to bring his tennis clothes when they met.

This may not have anything to do with your question, but it's a entertaining sidebar.

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