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Questions about Older Jackie Chan Films

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For anyone out there whom may know, I am wondering how close dubbed versions of old Jackie Chan films are to their native language counterparts?  I've recently watched WHO AM I? (1998), TWIN DRAGONS (1992), DRAGON LORD (1982), OPERATION CONDOR (1991), ARMOUR OF GOD {for some ridiculous reason titled OPERATION CONDOR II: ARMOUR OF GOD} (1986), PROJECT A (1983), PROJECT A: PART II (1987) WHEELS ON MEALS (1984),  and CITY HUNTER (1993). Now Jackie does speak English in some of these, so I have to assume what is said is what was originally intended, but when he is dubbed things get REALLY crazy and often nonsensical.  CITY HUNTER (1993) is the one I watched most recently and the are so many head scratchers on so many levels.  For instance, "Please raise my daughter, but don't take her to bed" I believe that is pretty close to the quote. WHAT?!?!?!  And then of course the daughter grows up to be an attractive young woman, which makes Jackie talk about the difficulty of fulfilling his dying friend's wish.  She acts like she is in love with him and jealous of every woman he looks at.  Then he later calls her his girlfriend.

Anyway, just wondering if anyone has any insight into how these films.   Are the dubbed versions close to the original thoughts behind the native language versions or are the dubbed versions just hack dialogue hastily thrown in?

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