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Did I miss chapter ten of Wild West Days?

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I noticed the same thing. I missed the first few minutes of the beginning, but was confused as to what was happening, so I waited and opened up WatchTCM to re-watch from the beginning.  I was vexed to see that the episode was Chapter 11-Thundering Herd rather than Chapter 10-The Circle of Doom.  TCM is dropping the ball more and more often.

I, like the rest of us, pay for TCM service and expect to be served to the best of their ability. Lately, there has been a marked decline in the quality of service; it's like a bunch of morons are making decisions and the daily ops are getting really sloppy, both with scheduling mistakes and not checking content loaded to WatchTCM - not to mention the debacles that are the new TCM DB and TCM Schedules...oops, mentioned it :-).  I sent a complaint via the Contact Us page. Let's see if they will rectify the mistake via WatchTCM.

TCM_Wrong Chapter to Wild West Days Uploaded (12-05-2020).tiff

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I'll second that. Chapter 10 of Wild West Days never made it. I decided to wait until this morning to see whether they would show that chapter. They did not! Instead they repeated The Thundering Herd. Now where do I go to get The Circle of Doom?

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I noticed the same last week, wrote an email to them, and suggested they could play both in order this morning to correct the error.

Didn't get that, though. I did, however get a query from Customer Service "How did we do?". Um, bad?

I have already searched for the missing chapter in the usual places and came up empty.

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It's available on TCM's VOD offerings on YouTube TV, if you're a YTTV subscriber.  It was put on  VOD a week ago.  It's listed under "Series" instead of "Movies." 

I don't know if other TV service providers have it on their VOD system.

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Seems that TCM customer service got back to me.

Quoting the important part:



Great news: thanks to you bringing this programming mix-up to our attention, the Programming Department is going to air "The Circle of Doom" episode on 12/26 at 11:30 a.m. ET.

We sincerely apologize for the mix-up and hope you get to enjoy the "make-up" airing of the skipped episode.



Seems that they don't really understand what a serial is, unless they play all the episodes for continuity from Circle of Doom onward, instead of a throwaway episode like this seems to indicate.

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We are two days from a Wild West Days Saturday chapter, and it appears to close out the serial that day.

The Verizon FIOStv schedule has THREE episodes, but out of order (times EDT):

09:00 - Chapter 12. Rustlers and Redskins

09:30 - Chapter 13. The Rustler's Roundup

11:30 - Chapter 10. The Circle of Doom (catchup)


Thundering Herd, Chapter 11, is no longer on the WatchTCM app, so, hope you can recall what happened!

I sort of dislike the jumbled, jigsaw-puzzle approach to serials TCM presents this way.

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