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This looks like a job for .... Space Force!

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Asteroids like planets do get flung out of their solar system due to gravitational forces.  Just because Oumuamua has an unusual shape that doesn't mean it's a probe.  Are scientist about to get egg on their face again like the so called Dyson Sphere which turned out to be planetary debris being viewed from edge on.

Here's another weird one Kleopatra the "dog bone" asteroid.



Here's a comet with a skull face, another classic case of Pareidolia.



One of Saturn's inner moons look like a large Ravioli


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Rocky exoplanet with half the mass of Venus is one of four confirmed planets discovered orbiting a star only 35 light years away - and a possible fifth could harbor ALIEN life, astronomers reveal


Astronomers used the European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope (VLT), located in the Atacama Desert of northern Chile to shed light on the neighbouring planetary system, L 98-59.

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Just now, Sepiatone said:

:o  "ONLY 35 light years away"?   Cripes!  That's practically NEXT DOOR!  :D 


If we start out right now ...

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Two planes report 'bright green UFO' flying over Canada - with military jet climbing 1,000 feet after sighting 


NEW Two pilots over Canadian airspace reported a 'bright green flying object' that flew into a cloud and 'disappeared' towards the end of last month, with the military plane abruptly changing course. A Canadian military plane and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines flight KLM618 saw the mysterious object on July 30. A logistics expert looked at the flight data and saw the military plane made a change in course and climbed 1,000 ft upon seeing the UFO. According to the Canadian government, there was 'no impact to operations' on either plane.

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