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A Matter of Life and Death: Stranger than fiction

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16 hours ago, txfilmfan said:

True.  And in feature animation (and they may do shorts the same way - not entirely sure), the voice actors record their parts in isolation, without the benefit of cueing and playing off their fellow actors reactions.   The voice tracks are laid down first before animators do their thing (I was going to say draw, but if it's computerized, is it still drawing?)  At least in Disney's case, they also video the actors as they record their parts, and, in part, use the facial expressions the voice actors have to help with their animation.

Ah, but Magoo wasn't Disney and no video tape was available for "play-off".    :rolleyes:   And y'all's taking my comments WAY too literally. :rolleyes:  Like when I stated it wasn't Jim doing the "acting" in those cartoons, it wasn't.  I never saw Backus drive a car the wrong way down a street, or near walk off the high point of a sky scraper construction, etc.  ;)   It was Magoo, with help from his animators, doing all that.  ;)    You gotta be careful youngblood-------

If you keep dancing every time someone yanks your chain you're in for a rough life.  :)


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