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"The Time Machine" - What 3 books did George take back to the future?


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> {quote:title=RainingViolets101 wrote:}{quote}

> I would take

> 1.) a book on carpentry how to build houses and structures

> 2.) a book on plumbing these people are still going to the well for water

> 3.) a book on how to make electricity...


You're on the right track. The George Wells portrayed in the film was a scientist and engineer -- an eminently practical man -- not a man of letters concerned with the spiritual salvation and cultural enrichment of the Eloi.


Wells would know all to well that the Bible and Shakespeare would not save someone from a raging infection, teach the equivalent of a child how to grow crops, or turn the earth into metal from which to, in Filby's words, "build a new world."


Limiting himself to only three books, I feel sure that Wells would choose one on medicine, one on mechanical engineering, and one on chemistry though, confined to one volume each, they'd all be of unfortunately limited scope. And there would be the total omissions of metallurgy and all the agricultural sciences.


Wells would probably reason that the Eloi, in their own good time, would create their own myths, legends, literature and poetry, and devise a religion (if any) meaningful to them. He'd believe that they didn't need one left over from a race whose insufferable piety not only couldn't prevent them from nearly exterminating themselves, but probably contributed to their own destruction. A race that bequeathed to Eloi and Morlocks, both, nearly a million years of physical and social bifurcation that led the former, for an eon, to being nothing more than fresh meat on the Morlocks' dinner tables, and the latter the ineradicable shame of devouring their own brothers.

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Hmmm....I always liked that thought-provoking question at the end of the movie. I guess he should take books on the 3 R's because the drone-like humans would've lost reading, writing and presumably mathematics due to millenia of enslavement--those 3 subjects are the fundamentals of "civilization".

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