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Our Favorite Brunettes

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Wow. Those are some daring photos above. Are they from Salome? I don't think I've ever seen it.


JackFavell, what is the dramatic difference from the first photo of Claudette below and the rest of her photos? I've tried comparing and can't figure it out. Was it just her eyebrows or did she have a little work?


Thank you for the pics.

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I've never warmed up to Claudette Colbert. I don't know why. I emotionally can't explain it. But there are some very fetching photos of her in your posts, Jackaaay. Nice. I love her with Olivier look-a-like, Henry Wilcoxon. And with Jennifer Jones & Shirley Temple.


Hi there MadHat.

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*primosprimos* -


I don't see that big a difference in the first photo, myself.... I would be surprised if Colbert had work done, although I am not sure why I feel this way. From the little I've read, she was a terribly confident woman, and it seems unlikely to me that she would alter her appearance much.


I would chalk it up to studio makeup and lighting - a lot changed from the late twenties to the early thirties - and this is when Colbert was getting started. As I looked at the photos, I see a lot more depth in the other shots, whereas that one looks very flat to me.


It makes me think of the difference between Dietrich early on, and DIetrich as we know her - the star:



in *Morocco*



in *A Foreign Affair*


Now, you could say Marlene had work done somewhere along the way, but I believe that this is purely a difference in lighting and makeup. And that is fairly well documented.


And the bath scene is from Sign of the Cross, I believe.


*Cinemaven -*


I love Claudette Colbert. I can completely understand why folks would not warm to her, and I feel somewhat similar about her. but I love her voice, and the smart way she has with a line. And her figure? Well, if I could have anyone's, it would be hers!

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