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Our Favorite Brunettes

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FredBaetz: Yes, I do remember that he was the original captain in ?Star Trek? and that Roger Moore named his son after Hunter.


MissGoddess: I hang my head in shame. How dare I call myself a maven without having ?THE SEARCHERS? in its entirety under my belt. They say confession is good for the soul, but it doesn?t feel so good.


Funny that you say that about Barbara Rush, b?cuz imdb says ?The epitome of poise, charm, style and grace, beautiful brunette Barbara Rush was born in Denver, Colorado in 1927...? I first knew her from those 50?s sci-fi fare: ?When Worlds Collide? and ?It Came From Outer Space.?


...And as for head injuries, I think what happened to Vanessa Rdgrave?s daughter/Liam Neeson?s wife, Natasha Richardson, attests to your sage advice.

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Jackie, you are great at a propos photos. I confess I am not familiar with either Kay English nor Dorothy Sebastian (sorry to say, heh heh) but I am, uh, most impressed. I wonder if they are looking for a position aboard ship...I just happen to have some openings. That Dorothy looks rather formidable, not only in the obvious ways, but also with that firearm and that severe Colette glare. It is said that Colette never got caught smiling for a photo, I hope the same can't be said for Dorothy. Miss English is quite fetching. Thank you so much for posting these. Swashbuclettes are a joy to behold ;).



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Dorothy Sebastian was a starlet from the late silent and early talkie period. I know little of her work, but always find her very striking whenever I see her.


I confess I have no idea who Kay English is either..... but I loved the photo and thought of you!


Good to see you back. I hope you can post some more. The swashettes are a ploy to keep you here for awhile. I think they will be the ones happy to be "on board" with a dashing pirate like you. :D

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Thanks for the Don Taylor montage, a particular favorite of mine, but sadly almost forgotten today. Probably best known for being the groom in *Father of the Bride*. I liked him in *The Naked City*, *Battleground* and *The Flying Leathernecks*, too (where he played a Texan with a suspiciously New York-ish accent!)


The photo where he is in western cavalry uniform, what movie is that?

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> {quote:title=CineMaven wrote:}{quote}

> Whew!!!! What beautiful looks Tony had!!!! Glad to know he was feted at TCM's recent film

> festival and could see all the fans he has. Now what movie star wouldn't want to know that.


Yes, I've been thinking about that all morning.....I think that is the way to go - if you had a choice. Knowing you are loved and appreciated.

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It really is. We came so close to having him dine with all of us guest programmers,

and what a treat that would have been. I just clicked on some random internet site

about him and it listed all these events he was scheduled to appear at in the coming

months. It was sad to see. But he was a PARTY BOY and lived, lived, lived. Goes

to show you being careful, starving yourself, avoiding alcohol and heaven knows what

isn't any kind of guarantee. :D:D


I'll tell you I had a previous near encounter with him back when I lived in L.A. when

a friend of his invited me to a party at Curtis' house. This was at least 15 years ago,

so he was still partying hard. I didn't go and now I regret it. It would at least be a great

story now. :D


Edited by: MissGoddess on Sep 30, 2010 11:37 AM

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I'd rather sit down to dish with Tony than hang out with Robert Cummings and talk about vitamins - you bet Tony would've been a LOT more entertaining!


He had his faults, but Tony was open and very giving to his fans and he never made excuses for himself.


Check out this wonderful tribute to Tony at Life.com:



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