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Our Favorite Brunettes

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WOOOOO HOO.. I finally figured it out.. ha.sheworeayellowribbon1.jpg


Duke: Dadburnitt, Dobe. This here is the BRUNETTE thread. What the heck are YOU doing here?


Dobe: I heard that Miss Jackie was feelin' poorly and I wanted to wish her well.


Ben: Take good care, Little Darlin'. We LOVE you!



(ps.. thanks Renee.. it was the "plain text" tab that was throwing me off.. yeehaw.)


Edited by: rohanaka on Jun 17, 2011 2:11 PM


Edited by: rohanaka on Jun 17, 2011 2:13 PM

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Oh, my gosh, thank you everyone! I am recuperating slowly, not even vewry aware of any movies = the ones i did get to watch I slept through. I did watch Valentino today, what hogwash, but somehow it captured him very well. Anthony Dexter did a good job. And Joe, well you know how I feel about him. :x


WHat lovely fellows greeting me! Thanks boys, especially Ben.


Again, thanks for the well wishes from my friends...I really needed them! I couldn't ask for a better posse....:x :x :x

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Thank you so much for that LOVELY picture of Joe! How adorable.... and thanks for the thoughts. Today is the first day I've felt like myself - thanks to all of these great posts here and your goood wishes.


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I LOVE Alivin and the chipmunks! I have a secret crush on nerdy David Seville.... I know, he's only a cartoon character, but I am not picky.


I showed my daughter the original episodes and songs a few years ago, and she was just as smitten with them as I was when I was a kid. You made me feel great today.

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you're such a sweetheart! Sending me Jack to recuperate with....






He was such a genius. Look at that monologue - today's funny men would be mugging and hamming it up, but not Jack. He plays it out for maximum laugh, with his gentle, unobtrusive underacting, and I love him. I have always been proud that I was born on his birthday. ANd that show was more complex than it seemed - Mel Blanc was on screen for 5 minutes before he actually showed up - as the radio announcer, the parrot and the car engine. his voice is very comforting to me.


you all knew just what to do to cheer me up, and I am so very lucky to be a part of this online community. it brings tears to my eyes.

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Here they were, trying to make a hospital visit after hours.


Joe will not leave your bedside until you get up.




Glad to hear you're feeling better! Sorry I'm late as usual but it's good to see you in great spirits. Take care!


Edited by: metsfan on Jun 18, 2011 9:15 PM

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Well you know how much I love the show. I had forgotton that you and Jack shared a birthday. That means you'll never be a day older than 39! :D


Glad you enjoyed all the fun suff and the well wishes from everyone! Hope you are feeling better!

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For T and anyone else who feels he should be remembered today:











































































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