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Our Favorite Brunettes

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WoW! I see a present for me and all the ladies of the TCM Message Board. *ERROL FLYNN.* Can a man be defined as vivacious? Well let's see. I went to my Merriam-Webster Dictionary app on my iPod Touch and "vivacious" is defined as such:


*(adjective) lively in temper, conduct or spirit, sprightly. Synonyms: active, airy, animate, bouncing, brisk, energetic, frisky, jaunty, jazzy, kinetic, peppy, perky,*

*pert, pizzazzy, racy, sparky, vital, lively, zippy."*


The photos you posted of Errol Flynn are gorgeous. My favorite photo of Flynn has him in a 3/4 view, with a cigarette in his hand and his hand in his pocket. I love Tyrone Power. I think he is the handsomest actor in Hollywood.But I'll fact it...he was such a good boy. But there's no doubt with Flynn that he is devilishly dangerously dashing. Oh that twinkle in his eye and playful smirk got him his way many a times I'm sure. I had my photographer friend print up a fresh b & w glossy 8 x 10 of Valentino which I've framed that is going up on my wall. I think I want him to do the same with that shot of Flynn.


I have two friends...two friends who love classic films...two male friends who love classic films...two straight male friends who love classic films. And they both told me (unashamedly) that Errol Flynn was the most beautiful man in movies in the 1940's that they've ever seen.


Now who would I be to disagree. Thanx for posting his pictures, Jaxxx.

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Nice pics Wendy! I've never been attracted to Flynn personally but he was handsome and always gave credibility to his characters. I was really impressed with his performance in "The Roots of Heaven". By the way, Mischa said he was sorry!



CineMavin, I must say you have a great eye for choosing photographs that make a statement. I've been wanting to do the same in framing my favorite stars in poses that give an air of mystery (if they played serious characters) or in playful tones if they were funny.

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Thanx for the compliment Metfan. I'm a visual person...but what the heck do I know. I go by what I feel.


JackaaAaaay, I agree with you about the Rudy-ness of Flynn's pose in that shot I love. I loved your phrase too.."bad boy stare of sensuality." That quite saysit all. His photo looks very contemporary. I can see that pix in a Ralph Lauren ad. I'm not sure that would be a Ralph Lauren style. I posted the pix in GlamAmor's Cinema Style thread and have asked her to describe his outfit. Ha! Lately reading descriptions of clothing is...making my pulse race. I dunno, something about the specificity of the description is getting me. Felt it with her Steve McQueen piece.


Oh yeah...I need a life.


Wait. I'm retired. I've got a life.


I just don't have my regular little MacBookPro laptop back. :-(




(By the by...it took a good two hours to figure out how to post and reduce that Errol Flynn pix, but it was worth it. Doesn't Errol look goooooood?)

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I saw your post over there...and I have to say, you did a better job than I did. :D


I've been keeping track of the wolves..... um, I mean the gang over there at GlaAMor's thread...it's all very interesting, if you don't mind a little drool blowing your direction and mussing up your skirt.


Personally, I am interested in the clothing.


There is something timeless about our favorites - whether they are blonde, redhead or brunette, eh?

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Great pic! but you know, my favorite leading man for Jane isn't Vic...it's the MITCH. I simply love *His Kind of Woman* which is on now.



I'm even looking forward to *Young Widow* later today, a nothing little movie that I really enjoyed. I couldn't tell you why, I just did. It seemed to capture that time during WWII. Sometimes, for me, the best movies aren't timeless, but what people call "dated", little time capsules of their era.

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I totally agree, MissG...I just love those time capsule movies. I think it's one of the reasons I liked *Hotel* last night far more than I thought I would. Plus there was a kernel of a message in it that is even more appropriate for today's cheapie, build it one day/tear it down the next environment.


As for Mitch and Russ, Here you go:




Edited by: JackFavell on Jun 21, 2011 1:11 PM grrrrr

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Great picture!


I know what you mean about *Hotel*...that Kevin McCarthy was just about the slimiest thing I ever saw. When he smiled, he rattled! That disgusting open shirt! I kept wanting to scream at him or someone to BUTTON UP!

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I was cracking up! Agggh! WHO wears a shirt like that to a business meeting?????


He and Arthur Kennedy could be interchangeable slimeballs! They've got decades covered.


Here's another pic I found for you and couldn't resist (with another slimeball, if you can even see him):




Edited by: JackFavell on Jun 21, 2011 1:31 PM

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I wholeheartedly agree with Miss G. about Mitch with Jane Russell. For me, not even our beloved Gable seems strong enough for Russell. She was something else and combined with Mitchum...an unbeatable combination. Their heat compliments each other very well.

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Metfan, Jackaaa*A*aaay...you both have outdone yourselves (well, accept for Barry Sullivan). These brunettes are lovely to look at. I'd like to make a contribution myself for the Tall, Dark and Handsome breed o' male. It'll be a project for me when my fav'rite trusty computer is returned to my side, but I'll see what I can do.


Lovin' Steve Cochran. Now he's my boy!!

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Barry almost put me off too.... ha! poor guy. what was he doing in hollywood? It must have sucked being around all those good looking Steves.


John Hodiak - I have to thank you for introducing me to him, Maven... he floats my boat now. I just love him.




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I'm sorry you both don't like Barry but elated about the love for John Hodiak! lol I added Barry Sullivan because I enjoyed him in "Skirts Ahoy". Just keep adding more Wendy, no need to ask!


Any fans of these three long, thin character actors?


Michael Rennie



Guy Rolfe



John Carradine



He had a talent for sculpting!

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What were Harry Cohn and that agent thinking? I looked at all of the Peter Falk photos and can't tell the glass eye from the real one. I didn't even know he had one until this week when the articles about his death told me so. His characters always seemed to have so many dimensions to them that you didn't have the chance to catch that one thing. Peter Falk was worth twice what a lot of Cahn's two-eyes people had-or should I say didn't have. Thank you, sir, take off the raincoat, and RIP.

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