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Help! Movie aired on TV in 60’s can’t find


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I saw a black & white film on tv at my grandparents house in the late 60’s or early 70’s. 

The scenes I recall were magical and captivating.  I recall a castle that was under a spell and it had become overgrown and all occupants were “asleep” frozen in time. When they were restored, the scene was joyous. 

I also recall a “hero” figure who had to climb overgrown vines and obstacles to reach the castle to rescue it. 

I have been searching the internet for years trying to find this film with no success. I realize that some story elements are similar to Sleeping Beauty/Briar Rose or even Beauty and the Beast but searches with those names have not produced the movie I’m looking for. 

From my recollection it’s likely the movie I’m looking for was made in the 30’s or 40’s.  There is a chance it could have been a foreign film dubbed into English. I would not have been sophisticated enough at the time to pick up on that. 

I would LOVE to find this film and view it again. I’ve seen countless films in my years and this one grabbed a hold of my imagination at a young age and has held it ever since.  Surely this was one of the goals of the filmmakers. 

Will you help me find this film? I would be so grateful!!!

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In the sixties, Columbia Pictures released live action versions of both "Sleeping Beauty" and "Snow White".  I believe these were foreign made with unknown actors.  In "Snow White" it appeared that they used children to play the dwarfs.   Possibly the movie in question is one of these.





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