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Finding out title of a short aired on TCM

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Hi musicalnovelty .....It was about 20 or even 30 minutes. It was a very stupid story about a downhill ski competition set in a department store (yes, in a department store). It was black and white and made in the 40s by the look of it.  The actors were not anyone I knew. It had a very stupid plot as I said. 

The reason I am interested in it is because it featured a musical interlude with black musicians that was extremely offensive. I am certainly not the PC police—but it was unbelievable to me that it aired with not even a disclaimer saying that this was "the the racism of the times" or something like that.

I want to know the title just for my own knowledge. And I think TCM should not show it unless it's in the context of "racism in the movies" kind of thing. 

I assumed that the name of any short film would be on the schedule along with the features......but they aren't as far as I can see. 

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The number in question then would be The Harlem Yodel, performed by The Dandridge Sisters (no mistaking Dorothy's lovely face in the center) and a swing string band called The Cats and the Fiddle, who underwent a number of lineup changes as their act evolved over the next dozen years or so. 



The teeth-baring business does seem a little odd. Not sure whose idea it was or what the purpose may have been but I'd have advised against it. 


Here are the Cats performing a different number, assumably under their own art direction. They do seem to have been eager to please a crowd. And very talented.



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