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I discovered this last night on hulu, and it was a pleasant surprise.


Jean Peters plays a pirate captain, who is more or less ?one of the boys,? until she meets Louis Jourdan. Jourdan is a prisoner, captured during a sea battle, but he manages to get into Peters? good graces (although he has to get whipped first). It?s obvious from the get-go that Jourdan is not what he seems. I assumed the plot would take the standard turn, with Jourdan as some kind of spy, falling for Peters, reforming her, and sailing off with her into the sunset.


But noooooooooooooooooo.


Thomas Gomez has a blast playing Blackbeard, who has a friendly, then not-so-friendly rivalry with Peters. Peters is good as the pirate captain, but seems to overact at times. On the other hand, she looks fantastic, so I didn?t really care. She engages in some spirited swordplay with Gomez and others, to the accompaniment of a rousing Franz Waxman score. Herbert Marshall gives a nice performance as the ship?s doctor and Peters? conscience. Debra Paget is incredibly beautiful in an early role.


Jacques Tourneur directed. Since I?ve only seen a few of his films in either the noir or fantasy category, perhaps some experts can weigh in and see if this film has any of his touches.


This is an entertaining way to spend 81 minutes. The color is lush, the battle scenes exciting, and some good twists along the way.


Of course, I can?t resist the opportunity to post screencaps with my own commentary.















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> {quote:title=FredCDobbs wrote:}{quote}

> > {quote:title=scsu1975 wrote:}{quote}

> > Herbert Marshall gives a nice performance as the ship's doctor and Peters' conscience.


> They missed a wonderful opportunity to have him appear in the movie wearing a peg leg.


I thought the exact same thing. What a natural Long John Silver he would have made.

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"We put our hands to a bargain. To make my hand good, I've been spread eagle, flogged. I've called red-handed cut-throats, my friends. I've stood by and watched murders and worst...and that's not all. With daily and nightly prospects of the plank at my back, I crawled; made myself agreeable in all ways to the vilest harshest she monster that ever came out of the sea!


And I think all the oceans never wash me clean again!"


Louis Jourdan in "ANNE OF THE INDIES."

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