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Expectation Management


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Working off a comment posted by HollywoodGolightly in the SciFi forum in regard to expectations. Specifically the benefits of ?low expectations? over ?high expectations?.


Expectation Management


A technique I?ve practiced for years. Perhaps because I?m such a cynic when it comes to newer movies. I generally approach movies with an attitude of low expectation. I?m never disappointed, and am often surprised, even pleasantly so on occasions.


I suppose I?d better cite an example for the sake of academic rigor.


My heartless family dragged me off one day to the local flea-pit to see ?The Curious Case of Benjamin Button?. Of course my natural cynicism kicked-in. I don?t care for Brad Pitt too much and I wailed, ? I don?t want to see a vehicle for some Hollywood pretty-boy.? But, knowing how much my family look forward to my commentary and opinions during a movie (cries of ?Be quiet dad.? Not withstanding.), and having the munchies for some Whoppers just about then, I went along. Well, needless to say, it surpassed all my expectations and we all had a jolly good time.


I?ve heard the term ?Expectation Management? bandied about lately - by politicians, wouldn?t you know ? as a means of manipulating public opinion.


Start managing your expectations today, and that abysmally crappy movie may turn out to be better than you er? expected.



This may all sound like malarkey or the ramblings of a deranged mind, but I think there?s something going on here.


Best wishes


Metry Road

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