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I remember Lynyrd Skynyrd recorded their live album there in 1976 and apparently played some role in saving it from destruction, or at least helping to revitalize it.

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Don't forget to click on Part II and III at the bottom of the webpage.

More intrigue now in that my old downtown theatre had a non-sync room similar the one in Atlanta.  It was on the right of the projection room with only a very small window and entrance door.  Just exactly what the terminology implies....music NOT synchronized with the projectors.  

Once  used for  entrance  and in between presentations music.

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That's quite good that someone went through all the plans and tied all that together.  Most of that would violate safety standards today, nevertheless it is interesting to see.  e.g. Neutral-interrupted dimmer switches.  Those large lighting panelboards have been replaced by assignable DMX lighting controllers, with programmable cues.  It still takes a lighting operator or two to run the masters for the lighting show, and others in addition to man the follow spots, but much of that has been consolidated.

For some time, the rotary convertors (i.e. "motor-generators") in the basements continued to be used for the arc follow spots, because they just worked.  They were also used in movie theaters for the arc lights in projectors.  This was before they had electronic ballasts for the arc follow spots - and in movie theaters a ballast under the lamp house of each projector.

This takes me back to when I had seen some of these things for myself in older theaters, later used as live event spaces, but before they were renovated with newer control surfaces and modern equipment that the existing spaces would have by now today.  Much of this older equipment was still in place then, but no longer used or in various stages of deprecation:  Lighting panelboards only partially functional.  Broken or missing seats.  Outdoor signs controlled by carbon brush and slip ring devices with dead circuits - or just steady on with burned out bulbs.  Swamp coolers still used but in reduced capacity.  Freight elevators that were scary to ride in, etc.  You could still see a lot of the workmanship that went into the places though.  Fun times.  Now everything is technically perfect and boring, and it is all like "BFD".  😁

Thanks for posting.  I'll be taking some time to go over this.

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