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i had tcm pegged all along


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i had tested tcm by asking them in their request for a film that if they can show habernera since they had shown titanic and munchassen if the film had a broadcasting rights to it well i got no answer and not even a may be i figured it out they will request your pictures if its already in the turner library and if they get premission ffrom their bosses at time warner and only if there more then one viewer and if time warner wants to bally hoo that title other wise you are wasting your time its part of thier promtion of their popular film classics only it makes a fast buck your request would make them lose a buck and may be less audience for that night if theri isnt more than you who wants to see the same title time warner and other manistream big and medium distirbuters are looking out for the green toilet paper rather than the classic film buff they only serve fans of popular classics and casual viewers only this explains why they barely introduce a never befor seen classic more focus of repeated same classic ensure the fast buck these fans of pop classic and casual viewers are mainly yuppies and the wealthy they have no time and they dont want to make time for understanding film history they are too busy so they are ignorant about it they not only dont like a never befor seen film classic since it isnt familliar but due to the documentery about hitler they are apprehensive about seeing on tcm imports a few more german film classic made even after the war in the fifties they are under some impression that all german film classics are just propaganda ones in which the jewish people are allways the bad guys and this is the reason why tcm hasnt further explore the genre remember the ingird bergman film festival? they showed all her films she did in sweden except her only film she did in germany in 1940 the four companions why ? biased time warner is greedy they are afraid of losing 50 cents so they avoid us small group of serieous fans of classic films who are scolarley we make the slow buck instead for them this is also why these companys enhanced the two color technicolor sequences of the 26 ben hur version and the full color of dr x and mystery of the wax museum into 3 colors the frivolous yuppes dont appreciate film history

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*so they avoid us small group of serieous fans of classic films who are scolarley we make the slow buck instead for them*


Ah no, they don't but they might not have taken your initial request for the film seriously if, like this post (and your other posts), it was written with no regard for punctuation and spelling.


As has been noted here before by many of us, your posts are almost indecipherable due to your lack of punctuation.

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Are you referring to "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen" (1988) or "Munchhausen" (1943) or

"Mama MAMA", a movie about Munchausen syndrome by Proxy??


Is that "Habernera" or "Havanera 1820" (1992)


I had enough of "Titanic" movies, I seen that ship sink and break apart in more ways than one. (Unless you want the rare 1943 Nazi version)

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Or it could be Karel Zeman's 1961 film that was released here as "The Fabulous Baron Munchausen" probably to cash in on the success of Zeman's earlier "The Fabulous World of Jules Verne."


Not that I got past the first three lines of the OP's post. Was it me, or was that all one sentence up until a question mark way down the post?

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Your first (of many) mistakes was in saying: "I tested TCM..." YOU tested THEM?? HA!


Are you in cahoots with the poster who keeps sending TCM pestering posts about "God's Little Acre"?


And PeterPiperpickedapeckofpickledpeppers.


Yeah. Get serious and maybe someone'll listen to you. Unless negative attention is better than no attention at all. Many suffer from that at TCM City.

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Kyle, I was just running with the meme for fun.


Anytime I see a remark from scsu I immediately try to knock a joke back. I have no idea who they are, or what they did. I just know scsu will have something else funny to say if you lob it back.


I'm actually watching *Nickelodeon* (the movie, not the network) on TCM. Yow, Ryan O'Neal and Burt Reynolds were insanely sexy in their day.

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*"I'm actually watching Nickelodeon (the movie) on TCM. Yow, Ryan O'Neal and Burt Reynolds were insanely sexy in their day."* - CHM


I wonder how long it took for Bogdanovich to find a "ringer" for Mary Pickford?


This is a movie I couldn't have enjoyed 30 years ago. BUt after ten years of TCM-watching, I find it all very amusing. I've lost count on the number of film "homages" (aka Rip-offs) in this film.


Kyle In Hollywood

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I like this movie ( *Nick* ) a lot, but this is a great example of a genre of film that I don't know if anyone has ever written about...the 70's-coked-out-mess movie. (And a genre I actualy like, in a twisted way).


Not saying any particular individual connected to this or any other movie was up to anything naughty. (Ha). The tone of the movie jitteringly speaks for itself.


If any of you are NetFlixing out of curiousity, may I also suggest:


*Players* (Ali MacGraw)

*Lucky Lady* (Liza/Gene/Burt)

*A Star is Born* (Streisand)

*The Cotton Club, The Wiz* et.al. --- ALLEGEDLY.


I got a long list of 'em.


Message was edited by: ChipHeartsMovies, eff you PlainText!

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