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Name of a movie or show please


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I remember watching a film some 10 years ago. This is what I remember: The film is in B&W, in the 50s I believe, but time is 1939 or mid40s.

Twin brothers live in a secluded section of the city, and they have a passion of solving crimes-It's their hobby. In fact they selected to live in this area to be(1) inconspicuous and(2) where a hide-out of criminals will most likely occure:This is the setting(Not sure if it's in the USA or Europe).Now the plot:

A woman ringleader of jewel thieves decided to locate a hide-out for a series of robberies to take place and this place will serve as their "headquarters".15 or so people move into an abandoned building somewhat across the street of the twin brothers. The brothers are watching the move-in with mild interest at first from their balcony window, but noticed that the truck had reinforced springs, or tires or whatever and became somewhat suspicious. Just by observing them they concluded that they were thieves. They reasoned that with so many people going in and out of the house or building they possibly couldn't all be family. Just by good sound line of reasoning and deductions as well as reading the newspapers, they?ve concluded that they were the thieves that the police are searching.

One of the brothers saw that they were about to leave so one of them went over for the first time to stall their departure. As he was having tea with the woman ring-leader he reveals to her that her operations has been observed by them and know that the police are looking for them. She threatened that she could kill them here and now but he said ?I?m afraid that that won?t be necessary and obsolete?.

?Why?? she asks.

?Three days ago I sent the letter to the police station explaining who you are and where to find you. I?ve included a drawing of the area where you are located because this is a very difficult area to find.

?Did you really send a letter to the police station???

?Yes we did. We sent it to?(Address given)?..That is the correct address is it not??asked the crime solver to which she acknowledged .By looking at her eyes while acknowledging, one would understand that she?s familiar of the address because she?s been incarcerated there before.The crime solver continued ?In fact they should be here any minute; therefore if you did kill me you won?t have time to dispose of my body.?

She laughed resignedly and in disbelief as she hears the sirens of the police cars saying? I?ve been outwitted by mere fools: By mere simpletons!!!? and laughed some more the reason being that that was their last name!! I can?t remember exactly the name of the character but it was something like ?Fool? or ?Simpleton, or ?Stupid?. That?s how the movie ended. The movie was really quite amusing through-out. Some of the thieves were not so bright.

The movie was considered a? rare short?, so I don?t know if it was meant as a TV series where they made only 4 episodes(the shortest series in television history) or a series of 4 movies rarely aired. It really looked like a one act film.

The twin brothers kept their dwelling as unfurnished as possible (not even a telephone) even kept it unrenovated to give their house the appearance of abandonment or whatever. They used their home as a ?Stake-out?place to catch criminals unawares etc.

The twin brothers were very mild, meek and very polite. Very rarely did they leave their house except to get necessities. That?s what they explained to her anyway.

I would really like to know the title of the show or movie in question. Please help. Thanks



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I don't know about a television show with "twin detectives," but this is also the ending of the film CONFIDENTIAL AGENT, 1945, with Charles Boyer and Lauren Bacall. Boyer plays a Spanish agent sent to Britain in the 1930s to buy coal to prevent its use in the manufacture of munitions by Fascists. As part of a plot to stop and discredit him, enemy agents murder a young girl by means of defenestration at the rooming house where he is staying and frame him for the deed. However, Dan Seymour, playing an East Indian named Mr. Muckerji, has observed the actual murderer in the act of committing this crime and confronts her in the manner you have described in your post.

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There was a TV show early 80's I think with twins- The Hagar twins or something like that. They were on Hee Haw first, they were tall and lanky. I just checked IMDB, it was a TV movie in 1976 called "Twin Detectives" The Hager twins were Jim and Jon.


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