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Migrants from Honduras moving through Guatemala, hoping to reach US

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Migrants from Honduras moving through Guatemala, hoping to reach US

Thousands of migrants from Honduras fleeing violence, devastation caused in the aftermath of two devastating hurricanes and economic hardships due to the COVID-19 pandemic are in Guatemala and moving towards Mexico, hoping to ultimately reach the U.S.

Calls were made on social media for groups to join together and leave from San Pedro Sula, Honduras, on Jan. 15, according to the International Organization for Migration. Between Jan. 13 and 15, 3,500 people left from San Pedro Sula, and more people joined up with them in the following days. Between Jan. 15 and 16, 7,500 people crossed into Guatemala, the IOM said.

Guatemala's government has called on Honduras to contain the mass exit and is also calling on other Central American governments to take similar actions to prevent putting citizens at a health risk because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a statement, the government said that on Jan. 14, a "state of protection decree" was issued to control the flow of people at the Honduras-Guatemala border. But as of Saturday, they said "some groups have violated the surveillance regulations and managed to enter our territory in violation of legal provisions."

The Institute for National Migration in Honduras said on Facebook more than 200 members of the caravan returned to Honduras and that three border controls have been reinforced.

President-Elect Joe Biden is still days away from entering office and yet, he is already facing his first immigration challenge, with his transition team forced to respond to a caravan of thousands of migrants and asylum seekers making its way to the US border.

On Sunday, a Biden transition official sought to deter those traveling with the caravan from continuing the journey, warning that the incoming administration’s arrival will not mean open borders.

"Overcoming the challenges created by the chaotic and cruel policies of the last four years, and those presented by Covid-19, will take time," the official told Reuters, speaking on background.

"In the meantime, the journey to the United States remains extraordinarily dangerous, and those in the region should not believe anyone peddling the lie that our border will be open to everyone next month," the official said.

Despite the warning, between 7,000 and 8,000 people are estimated to be traveling with the caravan, including families with small children.


Word has finally spread down to Honduras that it's easy to slip into the United States again thanks to the Democrats taking over. No doubt many of them may be carrying Covid but that doesn't matter.



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