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Which contemporary actors paired to old Hollywood actors

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Which actors of today could be matched with old Hollywood actors? 

ex Tom Hanks is like a Jimmy Stewart 

Here are my pairings and feel free to laugh or disagree 

Matthew mcconahey = Rock Hudson

Leonardo DiCaprio= Paul Newman

Natalie Portman = Natalie Wood

Meryl Streep = Bette Davis 

Robert DeNiro = Marlon Brando

Cate Blanchett = Kate Hepburn

Angelina Jolie = Elizabeth Taylor

George Clooney = Cary Grant

Viola Davis = Ruby Dee

Lady Gaga = Barbra Streisand 

Tom Cruise = Steve McQueen

Brad Pitt = Robert Mitchum

Jennifer Lawrence = Debbie Reynolds

Denzel Washington= Sidney Poitier 





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I dunno, but I recall Bette Davis comparing DEBRA WINGER to her earlier self on some talk show once.

And others making a comparison of George Clooney to CLARK GABLE.   

And personally, I'd tie LAURENCE FISHBURNE and Poitier together.  

And I think Brad Pitt is more the ROCK HUDSON type.

The rest?  Well, I gotta give more thought.  ;) 



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I disagree with many of the above choices.  I find nothing appealing about Leonardo D. and Paul Newman outclasses him in many ways.

Steve McQueen was a unique individual, as was Montgomery Clift. 

I have problems comparing today's actors with those of yesteryear for many reasons.  I just want them to be themselves.

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Tom Cruise = Steve McQueen ???

Nah, little Tommy is more the Alan Ladd of today if anything, Merry.

(...and btw, Clooney has always reminded me more of Pat O'Brien than either Gable or Grant)

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And btw, remember the actor Jim Hutton?

(...sure, while he's not a contempory actor, THAT was the guy who I've always thought was about as close to a Jimmy Stewart-type as they've ever come)

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On 1/24/2021 at 7:32 PM, MerryPickford said:

ex Tom Hanks is like a Jimmy Stewart 

Ech, except Stewart can act. That idiotic comparison was first made in 1989.

I do see similarities of old stars & new stars, though. Sometimes appearance, sometimes personality.

Examples off the top of my head:

Joan Davis-


Joan Cusak-


Gene Tierney-


Geena Davis-


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2 hours ago, NipkowDisc said:

John Wayne

Should we be surprised by John Wayne's racist and homophobic views? |  Caspar Salmon | Film | The Guardian


jon voight

Midnight Cowboy | The Iron Cupcake


Oh yeah, Nip! If only Big Duke there JUST would've been a little younger at the time, I can really see him playing a would-be and inept gigolo in Midnight Cowboy, or maybe even playing the bitter wheelchair-bound anti-Vietnam War vet in another from Voight's filmography.

(...now, you wouldn't have thought of this because Mr. Voight's political leanings now days seem to have coalesced with that of what Mr. Wayne's were, did you?) ;)


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John Wayne (also believed in HUAC/Red Scare) and Jimmy Stewart were Die Hard (pun intended, as I think Bruce Willis is also) Republicans.  They were also homophobic.  There are some very disturbing scenes in Midnight Cowboy (great film - and, in my take on Shakespeare's Lear, instead of the storm he goes through, I would have him enter the labyrinth of the NY Subway system) and I only saw it on TV.  I love Ratso Rizzo's line about his walking (also could tell what the ending would be).

By the way, if you go by TV, Queen Latifah is a combo of Denzel and Edward Woodward because she is the new Equalizer (which sounds good to me).

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On 1/24/2021 at 7:32 PM, MerryPickford said:

ex Tom Hanks is like a Jimmy Stewart 


I'd more compare Hanks to Jack Lemmon  as both are equally at home with both drama and comedy.   And I'd think TIM ROBBINS is more the Stewart type.  Lanky and unassuming.


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