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A Tribute to "Tell It to the Bees" (2018)


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There is this ongoing conversation now about what female filmmakers can bring to the table. Do you think this film is different because it had a woman at the helm?

Director Annabel Jankel: "I think this movie would not have been made by a man. I can’t speak on behalf of the entire male gender, of course, but I don’t think that a male director would have necessarily been attracted to the source material. This story is quite female-centric, and I saw the sex scene as a manifestation of the tenderness and a friendship that has developed into this sexual attraction. I wasn’t trying to make it seductive; I was just trying to show the intimacy of these two people. That said, I wasn’t thinking about whether I was looking at it all from a female or a male perspective. I was looking at it from the perspective of the characters."


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"In the clip, Lydia and Charlie are dancing together in the living room when Jean comes in and is pulled onto the makeshift dance floor with them. She resists at first but begins to nervously sway along to the jazzy female cover of Frank Sinatra's "All Of Me" oozing from the record player. Lydia starts instructing Jean to loosen up and move her hips until they take each other's hands and start moving together, Lydia showing Jean how to follow her lead and step in time. They share a brief moment of quiet closeness until they are interrupted by Charlie's shouting.

Charlie has spotted the bike Jean brought home for him, a gift she tells Lydia was simply a recovery from someone's trash. "It just needed a bit of oil," Jean says. Lydia is overcome, and she embraces Jean before stepping back to gaze into her friend's eyes."







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