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Citizen Kane Pre-Code precursors


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I've always loved Citizen Kane, but learning about these Pre-Codes I'm seeing where Welles et al might've picked up some of their tricks.


Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde ('31) version: Camera POV, lots of inventive swipes, pans, and dissolves


Power and the Glory: The "narratage" technique


The Sin of Nora Miran: Haven't seen this -- plan to, though! -- but I've read it takes the "narratage" technique to a territory more complex than even Kane


Mad Love ('35, but still sorta Pre-Code at times): Gregg Toland (Citizen Kane's cinematographer) filmed it much like CK and bald old Kane looks very much like Peter Lorre's twisted character in this


Transatlantic: From 1931 but shot in deep focus; also used camera trickery to imply colossal sets


So what other Pre-Codes have a stylistic flair like Kane?


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