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Favorite 20s films?


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It all starts with King Vidor's THE BIG PARADE (1925). My favorite, and the greatest movie by far still not on DVD. Not just among Silent films, but any film from any era.


When I look at the list of best loved or most famous classic movies, I can't help but shake my head. There is not a one of them that is any better than THE BIG PARADE, if as good. Including stuff like GONE WITH THE WIND (Overlong and overblown), CITIZEN KANE (Downright Dull), and CASABLANCA (overexposed for decades.) In stark contrast, THE BIG PARADE has been under-exposed for decades. The picture clearly belongs on every top 10 list, and on the TCM Essentials series!


If they are ultimately going to put out the restored THE BIG PARADE through Warner Archive, and not as a major DVD release (?), than there is clearly no reason to wait until the late fall of 2010! Which I was told three months ago, would be about as soon as we could expect to see anything. Release it right now! we have be plenty patient enough.


I could honestly care less about any bonus features. I just want the restored master print that I have been waiting on year after year for the better part of this decade. The extra's seldom mean a thing to me, on most releases I rarely if even even watch them. Maybe if they had a a documentary on the making and restoration of THE BIG PARADE? I seriously doubt if we would be seeing anything like that even if it were a major release. However, I would hope that the video is processed on a Dual-layer disc, so as not to lose potential quality, since the film is well over 2 hours long.


So what is the hold up Warner's? Huh? And hey, here is an idea? How about a Greatest Silent films collection, like you are currently doing with your Greatest Classic Films releases"? Four Silents in each set.

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Hi, Eric B. Welcome to the board.


My favorite 20s films are:


1. The Man Who Laughs

2. Diary of a Lost Girl

3. Faust

4. Sunrise

5. Nosferatu

6. 3 Bad Men

7. Spies

8. Dr. Mabuse: The Gambler

9. The Bat

10. Blackmail

11. Phantom

12. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

13. Destiny

14. The Fall of the House of Usher

15. Metropolis

16. Die Nibelungen

17. The Last Laugh

18. The Lodger

19. Warning Shadows

20. The Manxman

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The first movies from the 20s I remember watching are The Wind, Greed and The Gold Rush. I didn't get to watch Metropolis until college, but I instantly fell in love with it. Also with Sunrise, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and Diary of a Lost Girl.


Wings merits a special mention as the first movie ever to win the Best Picture Oscar.


And of course, I shouldn't leave out Buster Keaton's Sherlock, Jr. and The General. ;)


I'm also very fond of some Lon Chaney movies, especially The Phantom of the Opera and He Who Gets Slapped. Also, Lady of the Night with Norma Shearer, which I caught on TCM.


In the last couple of years I started catching up with John Ford's silents, I've enjoyed The Iron Horse, 3 Bad Men and Hangman's House. I was also lucky to catch Lubitsch's Old Heidelberg on TCM.


The Jazz Singer and The Broadway Melody seem to me quite dated, but they're of course movie milestones and I think they're worth mentioning. As for the first version of Show Boat and Rio Rita, well, they're worth watching at least once, to get a better grasp of filmmaking in the early days of sound.


The one I watched most recently, and fell in love with, was The Mark of Zorro starring the great Douglas Fairbanks. It is a lot of fun! :D


I'm still looking forward to The Big Parade. I recorded it when it was last shown on TCM and I'm saving it for a special day. I'm also looking forward to catching up with the silent films of Hitchcock and Fritz Lang. :)

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Hey, Jeff -- Have you seen THE BIG PARADE yet? Or SEVENTH HEAVEN? What

about OLD HEIDELBERG? Did you catch that a few months ago?


I haven't seen any of them but I did record The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg. I'm

interested in seeing how Ernst Lubitsch's silents (and films) play with me.

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> {quote:title=FrankGrimes wrote:}{quote}

> I haven't seen any of them but I did record The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg. I'm interested in seeing how Ernst Lubitsch's silents (and films) play with me.


Another great movie for anyone who's interested in Lubitsch's silents is The Oyster Princess (Die Austernprinzessin), which you can easily get from Netflix.

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Among my favorite '20s films would be:

1.SUNRISE (1927)

2.FOUR SONS (1928)

3.THE VIKING (1928)

4.COBRA (1925)




8.THE IRON MASK (1929)

9.REDSKIN (1929)



12.HINDLE WAKES (1927)


14.SHERLOCK JR. (1924)

15.HOT WATER (1924)

16.STREET ANGEL (1928)

17.PANDORA'S BOX (1929)




I would include many of the titles that were altready listed by others.

I chose all of the above films because these are the '20s films that I will watch over and over again

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Took me hours to be able to post here again. This is a good friends recent comments pertaining to Ernst Lubitsch *OLD HEIDELBERG.*


*Dear Jeffrey,*


*I wanted to make sure I saw OLD HEIDELBERG before I emailed you back, and it took me about a week after I sent my last email to do so (and then another week to write about it--agh!). Needless to say, I am inclined to agree with you on its high status amongst Lubitsch's oeuvre. In fact, I'd say it is easily his must moving and dramatic film; I was actually a little surprised with how caught up I got with the narrative, and how the bittersweet (mostly bitter) ending left me a little misty-eyed. Norma Shearer was, of course, wonderful and Ramon Novarro was a shocking discovery (why wasn't he in more films?). And yes, Jean Hersholt still a large portion of the picture!*


*Certain sequences easily stand up to some of the best in silent cinema, such as the prolonged drinking scenes and the courtship sequence that takes place in the pastoral wood. Again you have introduced me to a film that has rocketed to my personal top ten American silents (and maybe overall).*




*C. Williamson*

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Here are my faves and the ones I rewatch the most.





The Wild Party - talkie

Orchids and Ermine

The Virginian - talkie


The Winning of Barbara Worth

Lilac Time


The General

Seventh Heaven

Lucky Star

The River (not complete but what exists is fantastic)

Sunnyside Up - talkie

The Cat and the Canary (1927 version)

Tanned Legs - talkie


The Love Parade - talkie

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