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Trying to find th title of a movie I remember seeing as a kid (60's)

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I don't think I am crazy, but I remember a sci fi or fantasy movie. It was traveling either to the moon, mars or venus, and on this planet they ran into exotic women who ruled and men were the servants. The women ate metal and drank oil! There was rock creatures that would attack when you went outside in the bright sun and extreme heat and you had to travel in the shade so not to burn up.


Does anybody know the name and is it available at all?

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I think the eating metal and drinking oil is a false memory but otherwise it's MISSILE TO THE MOON. It was remade as CAT WOMEN OF THE MOON, but I can't recall if there were any rock-men (who kinda looked like Gumby) in that.

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Yes! "Missile to The Moon" feature rock men and they were shaped like Gumby. Also, the spacemen had to stay in the shadow of the rocks or they would catch on fire. One of the very first scifi movies I ever saw. John

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