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How low do you think the ratings of this weekend's OSCARCAST are going to be?


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i'M SORRY. I'm going to need to lay down and take a 45 minute long nap to fully digest the astounding, epic-eyeroll-inducing, jaw-dropping, GOLD-PLATED GALL of someone in a ****ING CULT THAT USES SLAVE LABOR AND TEARS FAMILIES APART AND BANKRUPTS AND BLACKMAILS, PERSECUTES, ABUSES, IMPRISONS AND LITERALLY DESTROYS PEOPLE taking issue with a bunch of reporters who hand out statues once a year because they're too WHITE.



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The thing about THE GOLDEN GLOBES is that- at least in the 1990's when I really paid attention- I agreed with their choices A HELLUVA LOT MORE OFTEN then I did with the OSCARS, even if they were (even then) obviously not 100% on the up-and-up- or were at least more transparent about that then the AMPAS was.

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14 hours ago, LornaHansonForbes said:

NBC has announced they will NOT be broadcasting The 2022 Golden Globes. 

ostensibly it’s over “Diversity Issues” In the HFPA, but one can’t wonder if it’s related the the recent ratings crash of every awards show this year. 

I really wonder if this is the beginning of the end....

I wouldn't shed a tear over the Globes. Have had too much influence in the Oscar races for too long.

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1 hour ago, Roy Cronin said:

Now that they'll be receiving boxes of unwanted little globes maybe they can repurpose them as bookends or doorstops or paperweights.  Maybe a new cottage industry. 

Sell on ebay!

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If we could be looking at the eradication of the Golden Globes in our lifetime, I confess, it's one of the few times I've been GLAD of the existence of Cancel-Culture.  The enemy of my Oscar-enemy, and all that.  A new Globes-free world would be the first step in our campaign to Cure the Oscars, especially after this year's train wreck.

And no, it's NOT just old grudges about why "Inside Out" didn't get nominated for Best Picture 2015, despite everyone assuming it was a front-run winner...

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Were it a Death Match to the end, I would much rather see the Golden Globes survive versus The Oscars.

At least the HFPA doesn't pretend to be something it clearly isn't,  unlike The Esteemed Academy.

Plus, it's generally finer entertainment. 

Just my lowbrow opinion of course.


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