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Cyd Charisse as SOTM June 2021


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Cyd was so perfectly elegant in her musicals, but I'm happy to see some of her dramatic work too, where she deliberately played against type. I'm beyond thrilled to see Twilight For the Gods (1958), where she played a woman on the run from the law in the South Seas on a schooner captained by Rock Hudson. TCM hasn't brought it out for Rock, so I'm glad they're bringing it out for Cyd. It's not great, but it's good and almost never shown. Party Girl  (1958) and Two Weeks in Another Town (1962) show up fairly often, but are also examples of what Cyd could do in drama. Also, I've said it before elsewhere on these boards, but I'd love to see TCM show the 2001 documentary, Marilyn Monroe, The Final Days, which features a stunning partial recreation from available footage of Something's Got to Give (1962) with Marilyn, Dean Martin and Cyd Charisse. (It's also a stand-alone YouTube clip for anyone interested.)

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1st of june & 2nd of june

the band wagon (1953) with fred astaire
brigadoon (1954) with gene kelly

meet me in las vegas (1956) with dan dailey
fiesta (1947) with esther williams
the kissing bandit (1948) with frank sinatra

8th of june & 9th of june

two weeks in another town (1962) with kirk douglas
party girl (1958) with robert taylor
east side west side (1949) with barbara stanwyck
the unfinished dance (1947) with margaret o'brien
sombrero (1953) with yvonne de carlo

15th of june & 16th of june

it's always fair weather (1955) with gene kelly
silk stockings (1957) with fred astaire
the harvey girls (1946) with judy garland
on an island with you (1948) with esther williams
singin' in the rain (1952) with gene kelly

22nd of june & 23rd of june

the wild north (1952) with stewart granger
twilight for the gods (1958) with rock hudson
mark of the renegade (1951) with ricardo montalban
five golden hours (1960) with george sanders
tension (1949) with richard basehart
the silencers (1966) with dean martin

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1 minute ago, Hibi said:

ANOTHER repeat.  How many films are they showing? She didn't make that many.

They've scheduled 21 films, which includes mostly MGM titles plus a few from Columbia and Universal.

She actually made quite a few motion pictures, because she had bit parts in a bunch of stuff at the beginning...then after musicals went into decline, she managed to remain under contract doing crime films and melodramas. After she was done at Metro, she continued to freelance for awhile.


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11 minutes ago, Hibi said:

I didnt realize she had been in that many. Am sure there'll be a lot of padding in there if they are small parts.

I think they're primarily going to be airing the big budget musicals she did at MGM where she was the first or second female lead.

The last evening, June 22, will feature her work in other genres where she is again playing the first or second female lead role.

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Cyd was immensely talented.  Her dancing was, dare I say, revolutionary, because she seemed to dominate her male partner with her fierce athleticism .  Her dancing, however, should not overshadow her dramatic work.  In the great noir Tension, she makes the most of her supporting role as the kind and sympathetic antidote to Audrey Totter's femme fatale. 

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Twilight For the Gods (1958) was even better than I remembered, so I hope people got to see it. It's one of those every-passenger-has-a-backstory tales set on a leaky boat in the Pacific Ocean, but a good one with some interesting characters. Cyd had basically been a prostitute, though for 1950's purposes it was framed as an "escort" who sometimes went "above and beyond". She was, as usual, cool under pressure and was one of Rock's better romantic partners. (Jean Simmons was also a good partner for Rock in This Earth is Mine, another little-seen Universal drama.) I'm not sure whether this was a TCM premiere, but they haven't shown it in all the years I've been watching. I caught it back in the day (in pan-and-scan) on AMC, which favored Universal films heavily, so seeing the great widescreen print TCM showed the other night was a treat.

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