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Curious little fantasy, with Warner Baxter getting bumped off by ex-flame Lynn Bari, becoming a ghost, and trying to help his wife (Andrea Leeds) prove Bari did it. Meanwhile, Bari?s hubby, played by Henry Wilcoxon, takes the rap. Charley Grapewin shows up dressed in black, looking like Harry Carey playing Bela Lugosi in the early scenes from Plan 9 From Outer Space. Grapewin is apparently the only one who can see and hear Baxter. He ain?t no Whoopi Goldberg though. Elizabeth Patterson, who played Mrs. Trumbull on ?I Love Lucy,? has a prominent role, but looks older here than she did on ?Lucy.? I kept waiting for her to say ?oh, nuts.?


I like Baxter in most of his roles ? he is no great actor, but he always seems to have a likeable presence. Bari is a bit too overwrought as the ?other woman.? Leeds was new to me ? she retired after making this film.


We never quite figure out who Grapewin is supposed to be, and the ending is a little ambiguous. Yet, at around 67 minutes, the film moves right along and will probably keep you interested. A bonus is Alfred Newman?s fine score.











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Oh my gosh, those screencaps, LOL!!! Especially the one with Elizabeth Patterson...I'm

glad I wasn't drinking anything or I'd have to clean my screen.


This one I have to see. I like Andrea Leeds, she was the girl in Gary Cooper's

movie, The Real Glory and wasn't she also the "tragic" girl in Stage Door?.

Very sweet.

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