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They don't tell you that it's like this in New England all the time.


I saw Joe! He had the dumbest role but still looked great. I like Anthony Dexter, he managed to give the movie a feeling of Valentino in spite of the hogwash plot. I wanted Joe to take out a gun or a blackjack and kill the guy who called them "vaselinos".


Wow, I love Alberta Hunter, I used to have that record.



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{size:19px}Bronxie, I suggest you pack a couple of these delightful ensembles for the South of France....




Hope you are doing well...I am starting to settle down now from summer travels and family obligations...

~Jackie and Maven the Mahvaluss, forgive my digressions...~


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Not sure what's going on with the images today but here are two pics of Rudolph's horse Yaqui (most likely named after the natives from Mexico).




Thanks for all the info Barb! I sure would have loved to visit his zoo since I share a passion for animals as well. Like all Italians, he was passionate about his culture and food. Have some spaghetti and pasta in his name!

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Bronxie, I had not seen that clip until now, how funny! I love that gesture he did at 1:57 where he gets fed up and decides to ignore. Yesterday I made the mistake of watching a video on there and now I've fallen victim to Rudy's spell. You've probably seen it though.



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Awwww swell Metsie!


Just when I was weaned off of looking at that video and hearing Danni Minogue's voice underscore the charms of Rudy, here you go citing that YouTube clip again, and there I go...hooked again. Darn it.


There are so many little facets to him that come outo the t in that video: his boyishness, chivalry, charm, gallantness and there is a narcissistic cockiness to some of him knowing he's being filmed that makes me say "Go on Rudy with your baaad self." And there is something about the strains of the song's intro that introduces him that just gets me by the...heart and compels me to watch.


It was posted a little while ago how Rudy looks like famous works of art. I just went to the Met to see designer Alexander McQueen's exhi bit. And I saw a painting that looked like that young girl in the beginning who is talking to Rudy. As soon as things settle technologically for me, I'll post a picture of that painting.


Well...thanxx for the YouTube Clip. It really was the first one posted that made me fully conscious and aware of the charms of Valentino. And with its dissection of some star-struck posters, I'm a goner for him. I just had a friend print up a photo of him I saw on this thread. It's a nice b & w with him in sheik headdress and I have it in an 11 x 14 frame waiting to be hanged on my wall.


Aaaaaaah Rudy! You send me!

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probably seen it before is an understatement!


In the 60's Valentino bop one, I like him at 1:27, sitting in the bar smoking. Just waiting. yeah. I like that...it gives my imagination a beginning, and an end point to get to.


And I have it on doctor's order to watch movies movies movies, so I watched Blood and Sand, followed by Pandora and the Flying Dutchman. wow! what a perfect double feature it was! I only wish Valentino had done roles like the fifties film - he could have played the bullfighter or the Dutchman.


Doctor M'Ava, do you think I might take one ALLIWANNADOISTOUCHYOU per day, or maybe two as needed? It really has helped me immeasurably. :D


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Well I've consulted with Dr. Kildare, Dr. Gillespie, Doc Holiday, Dr.Spock, Dr. Ben Casey and Dr. Moriarty and they all think you should be off the "AlllWannaDoIsTouchYou" prescription as they deem it habit-forming. (I can attest to that, but I can stop when I want to b'cuz I'm a professional). But I've disagreed with the medical profession many times on women's issues.


You've been a pretty good patient and been a nursemaid to those who love you at home. So I say I would double your prescription re: the Rudy clip. It's now your turn to be pampered and stuff. Why... you helped out another cohort of ours by prescribing her with a Gilbert Roland foto. That speaks to your humanitarianism right there. I'm no Mother Teresa but as long as you stay in bed while watching Rudy and don't lift up any heavy equipment like say...a vacuum cleaner or use any battery operated devices, I think you'll be just fine.


PM me in the morning and tell me how your night went. Excuse any typos you see. I'm doing everything with one finger. Well patient Jackaaay, I say: Prognosis Positive which is more than I can say for my next patient.




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<< spit take! >> Always you are stuck? (That's genius talk, right Bronxie?) Naaah, you're not stuck. Necessity is the Mother of Invention. Improvise. Mrs. Edison did that all those nites Tom spent inside Black Mariah.


Edited by: CineMaven on Jun 20, 2011 5:44 PM - Mariah was a place not a person...as far as I know.

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Hubba Hubba Alert:


*Rod Taylor* near the top of his form is in *Hotel* (1967) on TCM tonight starting at 8pm EDT. At times it's a wee bit OTT, but it is saved by a great cast with Melvyn Douglas, Merle Oberon, Michael Rennie and Karl Malden, among others showing the back of the house efforts that keep a hotel humming...or not, since Kevin McCarthy is trying to take over. Somehow when Arthur Hailey wrote about earth bound organizations instead of airplanes, it didn't seem as dumb.


But of course, maybe it's just because I get to see Mr. Taylor in this movie. :)

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Wish I had found it sooner CineMavin! I completely missed the link when it was posted but I thank you all for feeding this new appreciation for a man that left too soon. You have described Rudy perfectly and the effects he has on the viewer. I can't blame you for being addicted. haha


Wendy, twice a day of illumination from Rudy will speed up your recovery. Just stay away from anything that will make you bust a stitch from laughing.

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