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Never heard of this one, I rented from NetF for curiosity.  I got through it though it was tough going in spots. David Niven gets second billing after Joan Caulfield. This latter was the favored one and no surprise, her husband directed and I wonder how many times Joan must have said, "I'm ready for my close-up." She has a dream sequence where she dances lasciviously around David Niven who is tied up around a tree.  She sinuously twists and turns and she wasn't simply awful I would say nevertheless that she was still fourteen lags of a real temptress. She vindicates herself later by jumping up and down in a bar scene and she is cute as a button. David Niven plays romantic comedies but I haven't seen him one that borders on screwball territory in places. He's very good and charming as ever, he plays very well, in fact he might even steal the show.  That sophistication cannot disappear completely and there is enough there for Niven fans not to be offended. Acting good all around. Peggy Maley gets a mention from me. Henry Jones (a friend of Sargent Bilko) is in there too. He is married to Lenore Lonergan and at one point he says finally admitting, "Nuts, honey, I love you." She says overjoyed, "Say that again!"  He says, "Nuts." There are funnier lines than that but this is the only one I remember laughing out load. Shame. Henry and Lenore get a lot of attention near the end, as a diversion in advance of the togethering of the principals. I would be remiss in not mentioning James Robertson Justice, who has a great entrance scene as a husband who disappears from time to time something that his wife (Francis Bavier) seems to be used to. He is a great in his opening scene but gets boring after that. This gets a 5.4 on IMDB but it's better than that. There are some funny lines. If I were a girl I would probably have a crush on David..  Niven is a photographer for Life Magazine and is on assignment to interview Caulfield, an author of a book that entitled the same as the movie.  This is a battle of the sexes and early on the photographer "blackmails" the author for a kiss. He gets the kiss but she had something up her sleeve and slugged him right after. The movie is no classic but it was likable and I feel good about surviving Joan Caulfield.

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How y'all doin'?  

Hope everyone is keeping fit and healthy during these still tremendously stressful and frustrating times.

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Posted (edited)

*Just deleted a bunch of downer crap I had no business inflicting on anyone*.....

OR....We could ride this out and be OK. Guess we'll see. Sorry you asked? Don't be. I'm just in my usual muddle about everything in general. And you? I hope you're being like Maurice Chevalier in the clip you posted a while back ("Sweeping the Clouds Away") because we love to see you strutting your stuff!

Edited by DougieB
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5 hours ago, Bronxgirl48 said:

Ack!  I never wrote that!

I wrote a bunch of downer crap and then  deleted it but left the rest of the post. Sorry for any confusion.  

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