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Is America Ready for a Black Superman?


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No and for a few reasons-

there are black Supermen in the DC comics but what WB intends to do is make Clark Kent a black character and the reason for doing so isn't because it makes sense to the story, but for the sake of coming across as being PC at a time their actions behind the camera to their black actors isn't very good.

Audiences aren't asking for this.  What people generally want to see is the Snyder-Verse to be restored and JL2 and JL3 made by Zach Snyder.  WB hasn't known what to do with the franchise and it's obvious that they still don't but what is clear is that they are doing their own thing and ignoring the fans.  Honestly, I've never seen a studio sh*t on their fans (or their actors) the way WB has been.

If they want to do a multi-verse thing where there's a black superman, i think fans would be okay with that- as long as the Snyder-verse still gets to continue.  It actually isn't a question of if america is ready for it, they just aren't asking for it right now- not becuase it would be a black superman, but because it would be a superman that isn't Henry Cavill's superman.

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