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The recent post on "Alliterative Actors" made me think of another listing that could be fun: actors (and actresses) whose first and last names rhyme.

To get started, here are a few I thought of right away:

Florence Lawrence

Harry Carey

Fay Wray

Frank Bank ("Leave It To Beaver" TV show).

I'm thinking of one more, but not wanting to name too many without giving others a chance, I'll wait and see if anyone else names this one.

Who can think of some more?

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14 hours ago, filmnoirguy said:

Jack Black.  Cheri Oteri.   Shaquille O'Neal  (well, he did star in Steel).  Faye Dunaway.   

Jack Black is the one I was thinking of, that I mentioned in my original post.

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On 5/11/2021 at 1:22 AM, MilesArcher said:

How about that French actress from "Cat People", Simone Simon?  Her name is pronounced See-mone  See-mone.  


I thought of that, too, but her last name is actually pronounced with a nasalized, silent "n" (roughly: see-MAW).  :-)

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How about the guy on the right in this picture here? Rootie Kazootie.


Sure, from what I understand was pretty darn, ahem, "wooden" when it came to his acting skills, but supposedly he was quite popular during the early days of television.

(...and I guess for a while, almost as popular as another "wooden" television actor from that same era...a guy with the rhyming name of "Howdy Doody")


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Not an actor, but the musical director at Paramount in the 1930's was named Boris Morros.  You've no doubt seen his name listed in the credits of many movies in that time period.  If you read his bio, you'll find that he was much more than a musical director. 

Another non-actor - Evel Knievel .

Also, there is a female wrestler named Kelly Kelly.

And the Dodgers once had a relief pitcher named Larry Sherry.


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