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5 hours ago, kidtwist29 said:

George Montgomery was a bad actor.


Bad or not, I often have a certain affection for bad actors like him and others like James Craig, who come to think of it reminds me a lot of Montgomery.

Funny,  but I was watching Wagon-Train and Montgomery was the guest star,  and I was thinking the same thing:   this guy isn't a very good actor,,,,  but I find myself still pulling for him.     I.e.  I have that "certain affection"!     Here he is with an actress that always brings something;   Maria Windsor.

George Montgomery | 50 Westerns From The 50s.


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Think I've posted before on this forum about "Cimarron" being the worst Best Picture winner ever, and part of that is Richard Dix, who was, yes, a terrible actor.  Just the worst.


Richard Burton had good performances but when he was bad he was just horrificallly awful.  The worst sort of ham.

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4 hours ago, Vidor said:

Think I've posted before on this forum about "Cimarron" being the worst Best Picture winner ever, and part of that is Richard Dix, who was, yes, a terrible actor.  Just the worst.

Dix has a terrible case of Silent Film Star Syndrome in this movie. But he's quite good in comedies from this period, and much improved in THE CONQUERORS (1932).

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Ruth Chatterton #1 on your list of bad actors?

You're not qualified, she is a supreme actress,

Dodsworth is one of the top 10 movies of the golden era and she is the absolute star of the picture with Mary Esther and John Huston equally great.  I was born in 1958 so I'm not your typical old movie lover but I'm not stupid Ruth Chatterton was a very very good actress.

And you're listing  people who were barely in movies who cares about people who were in ten movies, or who were known to be average bit players.   A star who I thought was average at very best, was Glenn Ford, sure he was in one or two good movies but if you look deeply it was the same person in almost all the movies plus he wasn't a very good person and was one of Hollywood's all-time Playboys surpassing even the unscrupulous Gary Cooper.


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On 5/16/2021 at 12:15 PM, Sepiatone said:

Sorry Darg, but I'm still unsettled as to what I think is the most UNfunniest "comedy" show ever. 


Bad show. Really, really bad.

The laugh track for that thing is almost as nauseatingly offensive as How I Met Your Mother.

Gawd, how network TV went to **** in the new millennium.

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I can't think of anyone I loathe from the Golden Age; I can think of movies I was greatly annoyed and/or dissatisfied with . . . but I don't blame the actors.  That awful 'Heinie Manush' movie was on the other day -- as soon as I saw that come up on TCM on 'Eve Arden Day' I knew it was time to /flip/ the dial!  😵

I had tried to forget the title of that particular film but since I had successfully forgotten the title it wasn't until the 'Heinie Manush' name came up that I knew what movie it was.  But I blame the script -- not the actors.  I wouldn't have cared who starred in the movie as it's a channel/flipper no matter what. 

Same with Scarlet Street.  The final scenes annoyed the stuffing out of me.  No way should Eddie G. have felt that level of guilt after what Bennett and Duryea tried to do to him.  I'm not saying he should've felt no guilt, we're all still human . . . but that obvious guilt 'set-up' scene on the train and later he tries to kill himself after hearing voices from Joan via The Hereafter I was thinking "Maybe the Production Code of the time demands Eddie pay in some way despite what Joan and Dan tried to inflict upon him?".  → Ultimately, however, I don't care what the reason was:  I won't be watching "Scarlet Street" again as long as I live.  There's too many other 'Golden Age' movies out there that don't annoy me with lousy endings -- whether they forced on the filmmakers by the Code or not.  

→ Regarding two particular actors . . . something that has stuck in my brain for years: 

If you watch THE LONG HOT SUMMER (1958) and then immediately watch IT HAPPENED TO JANE (1959) you will see Ernie Kovacs in "Jane" doing his version of Orson Welles and his scenery-chewing performance from "Long Hot Summer".  I have no doubt Ernie was channeling Orson in "It Happened to Jane"; makes the movie more amusing to me. 

Doris Day, Jack Lemmon and Orson Welles  Ernie Kovacs starring in IT HAPPENED TO JANE.   Watch 'JANE' today!   🦞🦞 (Note the Ernie Kovacs' character is named 'Harry Foster Malone' in a wink-wink nod to Orson in CITIZEN KANE). 

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