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Uncle Tom's Cabin


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What is the Name of the Person who played little 'Harry's' Mother . . .

She was a very 'Handsome' Woman, with strong, facial features,

Large Eyes, and long, wavy hair.. She appeared to be a 'Big', Tall woman, too. Can anyone post a picture of her ?


And I know that some of the 'Slaves' were played by white men,

but was 'Topsy' played by a white girl ??



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Margarita Fischer played Eliza. I thought she was a very striking woman and looked her up after the film.


I couldn't find many photos but here is one:




She had a very long career in silent film and this was her last appearance. She was married to the film's director Harry A. Pollard.


There is a book: Margarita Fischer: A Biography of the Silent Film Star By Theresa St. Romain, that seems to be full text online in google books. Do a search. I don't know anything about the quality of the work though.


Message was edited by: molo14 for spelling.

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Thank you, Molo14, for your Quick Response.

And what a Striking picture of Margarita Fischer.

She is a Very Beautiful Woman and I'll be sure

to check out her Biography. Thanks so much

for your Help.


And regarding my second question, would you happen

to know if 'Topsy' was played by a white girl ?


Much Regards,


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This is the only photo of Mona Ray I can find. She is 104 years old this year, born January 17, 1905 ! This means she was between 21 - 22 during filming. Explains her awkward appearance.


She made only 4 films according to wiki. Even they don't have a photo of her.



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Thanks, Hamradio, for that Info regarding 'Topsy' played by Mona Ray.

And she was in her early 20's when she played the part . .

.I did sense a bit of 'awkwardness', but she did such a Great

Job in her Portrayal . . . Her huge Eyes is what caught my attention.


And I was also surprised to find out that she also played

'Mammy Yokum' in Lil Abner. And she's still alive today ?

That is Awesome. I hope to find a Biography on her, too.


And may I add, that is such a Wonderful Photo of her, too !


Much Regards,


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I finally got around to watching it last night and was really amazed at the film. It was a well acted and directed movie. I though the cast was great, and the ice flow scene was as good as anything Griffith did. But all I could think of during that scene was the great Thelma Ritter's line as Birdie in "All About Eve", when she refers to Eve's story about what a hard time she has had "What a story, Everything but the blood hounds snapping at her rear" Was really surprised to see Virginia Grey as"Little Eva", her acting debut, She looked the same as she did in "The Women" as Crawfords co-worker at the dept store.But the whole time "Topsy was on screen I kept thinking who does she remind me of and finally it hit me. It's Mickey Rooney in black face.The facial expressions, the body movement, it was pure Rooney 10 years later..But overall it was a fine film....

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