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A lot of so called UFO's are either fakes, internal camera lens reflections, earthquake lights, lenticular clouds, birds flying in formation, Venus,  debris stuck on gun camera, top secret black project aircraft, known aircraft viewed at odd angles, hoaxes done by drones / balloons, trick RC aircraft flown at Area 51 to fool the observer, ball lightning, Saint Elmos Fire aka foo fighters.  One UFO was a reflection of the ceiling light on the window :lol:.  Every time something natural which can't be explained, it's always ET.  Abductions are sleep paralysis - notice how many are near geological stress areas (Earth creates a a form if EMI that some people are sensitive to).

It's hilarious an advance race IF THEY ARE OUT THERE, would spend resources (interstellar craft can't be cheap) just to simply buzz by or to mutilate a cow. Don't care how advance any alien race would be, our planets microbes would make quick work of them, just like here science does not always solve all problems.

There are limitations of physics which will never be conquered .  Example fusion is going nowhere., the universal light speed barrier.

Every exoplanet discovered so far is hostile to life. No scientist has ever explained how a single cell, the most COMPLEX thing in the universe got started from scratch! Take away any of it's mechanism and  will cease to function.  Sick of that stupid "things came together in the primordial soup".

Why do we wish for an extinction level event like an alien species to discover our RARE life giving planet. What if they are an instinctive entity having no concept of morality, emotions, etc. like those in "Independence Day" a movie that uses a stupid scenario to win the day?

Old saying...be careful of what you wish for, may get it!

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