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15 hours ago, cmovieviewer said:

New York Ninja

Each time I turned it on, I laughed out loud or my jaw dropped.  Absurd and naive, hilarious stunts.  Next time it's on, I'll be watching that crap.  Innocently repulsive. 

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1 hour ago, Allhallowsday said:

Innocently repulsive. 

More like repulsively innocent.

Anybody can understand a revenge plot, and hundreds, if not thousands, of movies have proven to be moneymakers because of it, but this was ludicrous.

The dialogue was dimwitted, "I'm gonna be a daddy!" (That's exactly how I want my superhero to gush). Then she's dead, and there's . . . what? Was his brooding emotive (or was it constipation)? "It's not fair. It's not FAIR. Why? W-H-H-H-H-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y?" The glass shards driven into palms -little blood by the way- what?

A newspaper EDITOR says "You're one of the best damn reporters, and this city needs you; We have to stop these abductions." Um, NO, you're reporters; you see the story, you get the story out. The police must do the stopping. No clear delineation of roles; the reporters continually inject themselves into the action, and surprisingly, never really hurt?

The action scenes were stupid. Did someone really script that a bad guy should flip over his own car door onto his face?

Where was the blood? Didn't they have any money? A jugular swipe by a knife should SQUIRT blood, not trickle. A knife to the gut yields only spotting? With so many sharps in evidence, where was the blood? A bullet pried out of a chest should deliver more blood, and need more than a band-aid.

When a fight occurs 6-to-1, should the six just naturally await their turns? No, they must all pile on, that's a fight. But that is not how this movie goes, EVER. Also, the bad guys all seem to have ridden the prairie for weeks on horseback; they walk, fight, perform everything like they have wrecking balls strapped to their gen-i-tals.

During the attack scenes on women, the bad guys all seem intent to show us they'd rape each other over **** the women. Brokeback Ninja?

The running time of this film is just over 90 minutes, and I believe they only brought that much film. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, seems to be unrefined, unrehearsed, first takes. Either the director thought they were brilliant actors, or he could shape this trash into something. OR MAYBE - he realized nothing here was salvageable, and he quit the business instead.

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