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Unable to Download Episodes of THE PLOT THICKENS | Season one Podcasts


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Unable to Download Episodes of THE PLOT THICKENS | Season one Podcasts

Not that I really expect anything to come of posting this, but just in case somebody (perhaps a TCM Moderator) is listening (er, reading this ) and reports it to someone that just might care enough and has the ability and pay grade to remedy this problem, then more of us could enjoy this terrific podcast series from TCM.

Details: NONE of the Episodes (1, 3-7) and Bonus Episodes (8-10) will download from the TCM podcast download links .
They appear to download, but each file is empty (Zero data),

This is a TCM technical glitch of which I have no idea how long has existed. 
How do I know that it is a TCM Glitch, and not originating at my end?  
 Well, for starters BOTH the TRAILER, BONUS TRAILER and EPISODE TWO  (TARGET: HOLLYWOOD)  download and play as they should.
And ALL of the other aforementioned episodes will apparently direct Stream. They just won't correctly download (i.e. the Downloads are empty, Zero Data).

And IMPORTANTLY, the described problem has been replicated from an outside third party (different PC, different ISP,  etc.) 
 And  I have No Doubts that IF you, Dear Reader, were to click on any of the mentioned Episode Download Links from the TCM Podcast site, that YOU WILL EXPERIENCE the EXACT PROBLEM  as I have Described.

And Lastly,  I have NO Problem Streaming, Listening, or Downloading Podcasts from other sources with my current PC, ISP,  etc. 

So Why, you may ask, don't I just sit here and spend several hours listening to a direct stream of these podcasts from TCM, or some other listed source?
  To which I reply, because I DO NOT HAVE the Time and INTERNET access that will allow me that luxury. 
I could, however, quickly download these podcasts and listen to each of them as my leisure allows, without the need of internet access,    IF TCM WOULD ONLY GET THEIR ACT TOGETHER AND FIX THE DOWNLOAD GLITCH!!!!

For your convenience here is a Link to the TCM Links in Question





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12 hours ago, MovieCollectorOH said:

Hiya Stephan55,

Gosh it sounds like you've fallen upon hard luckZero data, I think I might change my screen name to that.  It has a ring to it, like only .999 fine silver.

I wonder if they've found their man yet:

Good to see you my friend and good luck.

Hi MCOH, so good to hear from you.  You look the same as  always ;)  .  I sincerely hope all is safe and well in your camp.

Ha, ha, "Zero data," you're right, it does have a sorta cynical ring to it.  Thanks for pointing that out. :)

Right now I am looking for some good 
download management  program that will suit my needs.  Any suggestions?

Interesting job offer.  If I met their qualifications I'd apply. Sadly software engineering is not my forte. It sounds like somebody such as yourself would perhaps be a better fit. What about it???

Though my interests and life experiences are quite diverse, the career field I slipped into long ago (courtesy of the army) was the medical corp.  And even with 30+ years of cumulative health care experience I still look upon myself as far from being an "expert" in anything.

Sadly none of my knowledge and skills could spare me from losing someone who had cared and worried about me my entire life. Even with death and dying all around us these days, her loss had (still has) a very profound effect upon me, one which (even with all my experience ) I had never taken the time to seriously contemplate before. 
I find myself emotionally and empathetically linked with the hundreds of thousands (millions) who are doing their best to cope with the loss of loved ones (recent or distant) of which they (we) were not prepared to lose.
It is one thing attempting to counsel others, it is another learning to apply those coping strategies to oneself while in the midst of grieving . 
Grief can be debilitating.  And months (even years) distant it has the capacity to resurge without warning. Grief can last a lifetime. And the best that we can do to prevent it from destroying us is to find ways to cope with it one day at a time.

I am trying to distract myself through work. Attempting to keep myself occupied applying several years of public health and epidemiology experience to the conditions at hand. It can be (and often is) quite frustrating, but it keeps my mind focused on other things than self, for awhile at least. 

So my friend, it is very good to hear from you again.  I wish you and your loved ones long, healthy and fruitful lives. 
And though there may be some merit in the adage "misery loves company,"  I wish you to be spared joining such company for as long as possible.
Take care of yourself and those whom you care about, and who care about you.
My wish for you is to never leave a kindness unsaid, an injury unforgiven, a life long with few regrets. 

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Not much recently over here.  I pretty much live out away from the craziness, so things are the same as usual, which is good.

Sorry to hear about your loss.  There is much time associated with the grieving process, and that cannot be rushed.  I have loved and lost too, though not due to death (other than a parent, grandparents, etc).  Again I am sorry to hear about your loss.

Yeah I had been working from home well before the lockdown, so little changed in that regard.  It seemed to be the trend for certain types of jobs before that.  Sad to see what took place though, many small businesses closing their doors for the last time, and meanwhile Bezos doubled his wealth.

One of my friends whose wife is in HR forwarded that ad to me.  They were aware I dabble in old movies from time to time.  :D

Anything in particular  you need a downloader program for?  In general, there are either exact files you know about, and a program like WGET (the most basic) or CURL (more features) are my go-to ones.  Then there are times you have a webpage with a video on it, but you don't know the file name, but have a URL.  That would be suited by a program called YOUTUBE-DL, which actually can download from a wide variety of video hosting websites.  Usually the URL is enough, but sometimes you need to hit F12 with your browser, then refresh the page, and look for the M3U8 file (a manifest of the video files), then copy and paste that into YOUTUBE-DL instead.  These are just the first programs that come to mind for me, but then there are other ones that are either GUI versions that depend on these, or are similar in principle.


Take care

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