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California Pleads for More Power Supply to Meet Summer Needs


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California Pleads for More Power Supply to Meet Summer Needs

California made an urgent request for additional power supplies to avoid blackouts this summer, an extraordinary step after suffering from rolling outages less than a year ago.

State energy officials asked the California Independent System Operator, which runs most of the grid, to contract for additional power capacity for July and August on concern it won’t be able to meet demand during the evening when solar production fades, according to a joint statement Thursday from grid, utility and energy agencies. They didn’t say how much more power is needed.

“California is using all available tools to increase electricity reliability this summer,” the heads of the California Energy Commission, California Public Utilities Commission, and grid operator said. They cited “unprecedented climate change-driven heat events, which are occurring throughout the West in combination with drought conditions that reduce hydroelectric capacity.”

Their push underscores California’s challenges in the coming months as it begins summer already parched by drought that’s leaving hydroelectric reservoirs at historic lows. It narrowly avoided rolling power outages recently as extreme heat came early this year, and with few new generation sources on the immediate horizon supplies tighten when hot weather hits.

California has taken a number of steps including adding battery storage to prevent blackouts such as those in August, when demand overwhelmed the grid. However, the state has grown concerned that that the increases aren’t enough, according to the letter.

Procuring additional capacity “is taken out of an abundance of caution to ensure electric reliability and preserve the public health and safety of all Californians,” the officials said.


Someone posted a letter the state sent to the other states, here is what it says:

"Hello, we are desperate get get more power after having built a PC energy supply to save us from global warming and as you know it had to be done to placate the masses, but now we don't have enough electricity to supply our state and are begging for more. Wind energy and solar is not enough, and we knew that, only idiots would think you can rely on this form but it looks good on paper, and now with many buying electric cars that they think are powered by PC energy, it will have to come from outside coal plants. Imagine running cars on coal! Hahah, that's what will happen, If you can spare some energy, please, please promise to give us some, we badly need it or else rolling blackouts and unhappy rich people. Sincerely, California"

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cut off all the electricity to the hollywood celeb mansions in Beverly Hills, Brentwood, etc and they should further make a statement that all are equal before liberal eyes and cut off all the power to the pelosi mansion in the san francisco bay area too.

that way people won't feel so bad without electricity.


"No! I forbid it!"


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37 minutes ago, hamradio said:

We West Virginians are enjoying this one!  Maybe Californians should PRAY for more power. 

(can't wait the day come...please gimme coal, gimme coal.)


I find this quite unique.  Enjoying the misfortune of your fellow countrymen.  Is envy driving this?

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11 minutes ago, NipkowDisc said:

by the time californians wake up to the con of solar /wind energy being an overblown crock they will be camped out in homeless shelters and hoping for no tent shortages.



All it takes is for one  natural disaster i.e. large volcanic eruption to make solar production useless.

At least it can reverse global warming.



(But the UN could make an international law against it since man is so all powerful :wacko:)

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